Awards and Honors Recognized by the School

The Rollins School of Public Health also recognizes the achievements of our students, alumni, faculty, and community with such awards and honors as:

James W. Alley, M.D. Student Award For Outstanding Community Service

This award recognizes the graduating MPH student who, in the eyes of the faculty and students, has provided the greatest service to disadvantaged populations during his or her career.

The Eugene J. Gangarosa, M.D. Student Award For Excellence In International Health

This award is presented to the graduating student who has demonstrated a creative approach to solving public health problems and who shows promise for outstanding service in the international arena.

Charles R. Hatcher Award

The Dr. Charles R. Hatcher, Jr. Award was created to honor faculty members of the Health Sciences Center who, through their lifetime of work, exemplify excellence in public health.

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Michael H. Kutner Award for the Most Distinguished Graduate Student

Thomas F. Sellers, Jr., M.D. Award For Support of Faculty Colleagues in Public Health

This award is presented to the faculty member of the Rollins School of Public Health who exemplifies the ideals of public health and who serves as a role model and mentor to his or her colleagues. The award is given to an individual who, like the man for whom it is named, represents the best qualities of collegiality.

Charles C. Shepard Award

Presented annually since 1986, the Charles C. Shepard Award is given to the graduating MPH student who is deemed by the faculty to have prepared the most scholarly research paper.

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The Rollins School of Public Health Student Government Professor & Staff Member of the Year Awards

Given by the Rollins School of Public Health students, these awards honor outstanding faculty and staff members who demonstrate leadership, a genuine concern for students, and a sense of academic excellence.

Emory University Humanitarian Award

The Humanitarian Awards honor the very best of the very best. Each year since 1987, the awards have been presented to undergraduate and graduate students who have shown tremendous leadership and made significant contributions not only to the Emory community, but in Atlanta, throughout the country and even the world.

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Thomas Jefferson Award

The Thomas Jefferson Award honors a member of the faculty or staff for significant service to the university through personal activities, influence, and leadership, usually over the course of many years.

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Emory Williams Teaching Award

Emory's highest award for excellence in teaching, this award honors faculty who fosters participation, inquiry, and creative expression in the classroom, exemplifies the highest quality of teaching and scholarship and serves as a mentor to students. 

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Scholar/Teacher Award

The award is presented annually to a faculty member who excels as a classroom teacher, shows unusual concern for students, and makes significant contributions to the scholarly life of the university.

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Crystal Apple Award for Excellence in Professional School Teaching

Emory University presents this award to a faculty member who demonstrates excellence in teaching, as measured by the following criteria: accessibility to and positive relations with students, mastery of subject matter, engaging classroom presence, innovative teaching style, and service to Emory.

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