MPH/External Dual Degree: Accelerated MPH

The Accelerated MPH/Dual Degree Program draws upon our experience with accelerated MPH programs and provides an opportunity for students currently enrolled in accredited professional schools other than Emory University. This includes students enrolled in professional doctoral or graduate-level programs, such as, but not limited to, schools of medicine, nursing, business, law, theology, veterinary medicine, osteopathy, pharmacy, dentistry, and social work.

  • To ensure the integration of training, students will enroll in the MPH and spend a year (fall and spring semesters) at the Rollins School of Public Health.
  • Students will attend Rollins in concert with the course of study in their initial professional degree program.
  • The actual academic year to attend Rollins will be coordinated with the initial school administration to assure all requirements are met.

For additional information, please contact Kathy Wollenzien, Sr.  Associate Director of Academic Programs, Rollins School of Public Health, at

The program is not available to those who have already received their professional or PhD degree. Admission to this program and the curriculum to be pursued is considered on an individual basis.

Once enrolled in Rollins' accelerated MPH program, students must complete 32-35 hours, depending on the student's MPH degree program during the fall-spring semester sequence. Students are eligible to transfer 10 credits relevant to public health from their external professional program that will count as electives toward the 42-44 hour MPH program. Those courses will be reviewed and approved by the program administrator as having relevance for the competencies in public health. Therefore, the MPH degree is awarded by Rollins after the student presents evidence of completion of school requirements at both schools.

For specific questions, please contact Kathy Wollenzien or the Rollins Department of Student Services.