Course Roster

Course Roster for the Socio-contextual Determinants of Health Certificate

BSHE 556 Mass Media and Public Health
BSHE 564 Sexual Health in Social Contexts
BSHE 567 LGBTQ Public Health
BSHE 568 Human Sexuality

EH 570

Environmental and Occupational Health Policy

EH 571 Global Environmental Health Policy: Power, Science and Justice
EH 583/ENVS 385 Spatial analysis in disease ecology
EH 584 Built environment and Public health 

EPI 516

Issues in Women's Health
Epi 523 Correctional Healthcare
EPI 554 Relgion and Public Health
EPI 590R Poverty, Inequality and Health
EPI 590R Issues in LGBT Health

EPI 590R

Psychosocial Epidemiology

EPI 594 Advanced Methods in Social Epidemiology
GH 507 Health as Social Justice
GH 508 Seminar in Health and Human Rights
GH 519 Faith and Health: Transforming Communities
GH 526 Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Human Rights
GH 527 Migration and Health
GH 536 Religion and Health in Context: HIV
GH 557 Global Health: Anthropological Perspectives
GH 559 Gender and Global Health
GH 572 Community Transformation: A Five Day Experiential Workshop on Partnerships and Empowerment
GH 573 Gender, Sexuality, and Global Health
HPM 563 Long Term Care Policy and practice
HPM 565 Health Care for the Indigent
HPM 569 Women's Health Policy Lifecycle
HPM 574 Health Literacy – Importance as a Public Health Problem
HPM 578 Political Institutions and Health Policy Implementation
INFO 530/BSHE 560R Geographic Information Systems

Note: some of these classes may be cross listed; additionally some may require prerequisites.
Also note a change in policy: If you are graduating in 2014 or thereafter, you may not take social epidemiology or macrosocial determinants of health as your elective course. (Though people graduating in 2013 can use either of these classes to meet their elective requierment.)