The Diversity Resources Project


The Diversity Resources Project aims to enrich the Rollins School of Public Health by recognizing the faculty, staff, and student commitment to inclusion, collaboration and community engagement with diverse populations.


  • Showcase resources, news and opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and outside organizations on Diversity at RSPH, including minority health
  • Provide a collaboration space to unify and promote health of diverse populations at RSPH as well as foster collaboration between students, faculty, departments and outside organizations
  • Attract prospective students, faculty, and outside organizations also representing diverse perspectives to RSPH
  • Stimulate an RSPH commitment to the health of diverse populations

The Diversity Resources Team

The Diversity Resources Project team is made up of Emory undergraduate and RSPH students, Juan Leon, faculty advisory, and the RSPH Committee on Community and Diversity.

Contact Information

To learn more or get involved contact Dr. Juan Leon