Past BSHE Theses

Below is a listing of all theses completed by past BSHE students as a requirement for graduation. These documents are available for check-out to all students in the Health Sciences Library. Currently enrolled BSHE students ONLY may check-out the department copy for four weeks from room 508.

For further information on BSHE theses, e-mail Deanne Dunbar,

Maria Gretel Abad. A Formative Evaluation of the Effects of a Chronic Care Teaching Program on Pediatric Residents.

Belinda Abbruzzese. Combined use of condoms and oral contraceptives among college women.

Melissa Kanni Adams. HIV/AIDS  in the Deaf Community: Qualities Interviews With Deaf HIV Positive Adults.

Lisa Aenlle. Self-efficacy and time-to-diagnosis in patients with Wegener's Granulomatosis.

Vicentia Agbah. A Critical Analysis of publications in the Journal of Health Education, 1981-1990

Jennifer E. Allen. Suicide Acceptability in African Americans: Sex Differences and the Relationships to Family Characteristics.

Leeanna Allen.  An Evaluation of the Applied Epidemiology Competency Development Process.

LeighAnna Allen.  The Moderating Effect of Spirituality on the Relationship between Cancer Caregiving Stress and Health.

Melissa Alperin. An Evaluation of School-Based Health Care in Southeast Georgia.

Lisa Angus.  Exploring Pregnancy Intent With Non-Pregnant Women.

Johanna Shoopman Anderson. Perceptions of Risks for Falls Among the Elderly Living Independently at Home.

Christiane Andreozzi. A Retrospective Evaluation of a self-esteem Based Summer School Program Implemented in Dawson County.

Jill Andrews. Clergy response to intimate partner violence: Beliefs, attitudes and actions.

Michele Asrael. Evaluation of a School-Based Clinic Based on Grade-Point Average and Absenteeism of Students.

Moe Moe Aung. A Study on Monitoring System of Life Skills-based HIV/AIDS Education in Myanmar.

Jessica Aungst.  Reducing Alcohol-Related Consequences with Tailored Messages Sent Via Wireless Handheld Computers:  A Pilot Study.

Robert Bailey. Growth of HIV-Infected & Uninfected Children. According to Maternal & Child Immunologic & Disease Characteristics: A Prospective Cohort Study in Kinshasa, Zaire.

Elizabeth Baird. A Formative Evaluation of the Mental Retardation Prevention Curricula.

Cardine Ball. Adolescent Alcohol and Drug Use: Application of the Stages of Change Model.

Catherine Barker. A Study of Problem Behaviors and Health Behaviors in U.S. High School Students.

Jamar Barnes. The association between gender, family loyalty, assault crime and property crime among African American adolescents.

Rheta Simmons Barnes. Interest in Using Internet-Based Distance Learning Among Public Health Workers Attending the 1998 Georgia Public Health Association Annual Meeting.

Diana Bartlett. The Influence of Doctor Recommendation and Behavioral Factors on Influenza and Pnemococcal Vaccine Receipt in Persons 65 or Older.

Heather Barton. The Evaluation of a Health Literacy Curriculum Designed for Adult Literacy Students and Tutors.

Sonall Batish. The Association of Constructs from the Theory of Reasoned Action and the Health Belief Model with Intention to Follow a High Foliate Diet Among Low-Income Pregnant Women.

Debrah Bauer. The Research Component of Marketing High Level Wellness to Executives.

Laurie Bazemore. Evaluation of the American Cancer Society Basic Collaboration Train the Trainer Course: Predictors of implementation of skills learned.

Elin Britt Begley. Do Older Partners Magnify Pregnant Adolescent's STD Risk? A Study of Pregnant African American Adolescent Females in Atlanta Georgia.

Belay Belay. Gender Differences in Alcohol and Marijuana Use Among Adolescent Detainees (Juvenile Delinquents).

Nicole Bennett. The Connections Between Religion, Spiritually, and Physical Activity: A Qualitative Analysis.

Jimetria Benson. It's All About Balance: An Examination of Successful Strategies, Beliefs, and Practices Among Physically Active African American Working Women.

Gwendolyn  Bergen. Active versus passive problem behaviors in adolescents.

Amy Berlin. Medical Student's Knowledge and Attitudes About University Counseling Services and the Environmental and Situational Factors Associated with Utilization of Counseling Services.

Miriam Berrey. Self-Image of Adolescents and Young Adults Diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. 

Laura Bettencourt. An Evaluation of the Georgia Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Project.

Amee Bhalakia. Evaluation of a Knowledge Instrument Used in HIV Trainings of Georgia's Correctional Health Care Providers.

Amy Bianchi.  Sexual Risk Behaviors and Past Sexual Abuse Among Detained Adolescent Females.

Cori Bickel.  Young Women and Older Sexual Partners in Zimbabwe:  Psychosocial and Behavioral Risk Factors for HIV Infection.

Nicole Blair.  An Examination of the Relative Contributions of Workplace Smoke-Free Policies and Cessation Programs to Cigarette Consumption and Quitting Behavior.

Angela D. Bland. The Relationship Between Beliefs, Norms, Self-Efficacy, and Behaviors for Lead Poisoning Prevention.

JoiAisha Bland.  Agreement of Sexuality Communication between Parents and Children 6-12 Years Old.

Jeuneviette Bontemps.  The Effects of the Elimination of Unstructured Playtime on Elementary-Level School Children.

Karen Boone. Lay Health Advisors: An Analysis of the Concept in Community Health Programs.

Jennifer R. Borack. Predictions of Smoking among Adolescents: An Application of the Theory of Reasoned Action.

David Taylor Bowden. Evaluation of Surgical ICU Health-Care Workers' Compliance With Hand Hygiene Recommendations.

Ayanna Bradshaw-Sydnor.  Exploring Parents' Knowledge, Awareness, and Information Sources of Pediatric Oral Health Issues.

Nikia Braxton. Gender, Race, Sex and Television.

Brandee Brewer.  A Formative Evaluation of the Data Collection Instrument Used for Sisters Taking Active Responsibility for Self (STARS):  A Teen Pregnancy and HIV/AIDS Prevention Program for Minority Adolescent Females.

Lisa N. Bridges. Developing a Series of Internet Surveys and Issues Affecting Cancer Patients and Cancer Survivors.

Kristin Brinsley.  Motivating Physicians to Prevent Antimicrobial Resistance in Hospitalized Children Using the Health Belief Model as a Framework.

Lynne Elizabeth Broderick. A Descriptive Analysis of Epilepsy Self-Management Goals.

Amy Brown. The Relationship Between Choice of Helping Agents for Reproductive Health Problems and Sexual Behaviors Among Black Urban Early Adolescents.

Sherene Brown. An ethnographic inquiry into the experiences of African American volunteers for the American Cancer Society Reach to Recovery program, Southeast division.

Colleen Browne. An Evaluation of the American Cancer Society's Dissemination of a Smoking Cessation Program in African American Communities.

Patricia Brugliera. An Evaluation of the Red Cross Aids Curriculum in Eighth Grade Students.

Megan Bush. Spreading The Word, Not The Infection: Reaching Hospitalists About The Prevention of Antimicrobial Resistance.

Terry Butler.  Factors Influencing Stages of Sexual Readiness and Progression to Sexual Initiation Among African-American Pre-Teens.

April Cameron. The Association of Diabetes Mellitus, Periodontal Diseases, and Social Support for African American and Hispanic Women of Childbearing Age.

Shelia Campbell. The Relationship between Mentoring and Job Satisfaction in Hospital Staff Nurses: An Exploratory Study.

James Carey. Improving International HIV Program Planning Systemic Interview Methods in the Context of Programmatic Needs Assessment.

Lisa Carlson. Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation for Condom Use: Development and Validation of a Scale.

Adisa Carter. An Evaluation of a Transitional Care, Education, and Training Program for HIV Positive Women Being Released from Prison.

Rebecca Carter.  "Grow Healthy Together":  An Evaluation of a Healthy Families Campaign.

Rocio Castro-Manghani. Improving HIV Medication Adherence Through the Use of Goal Setting.

Toni Cates. Ecumenical Infant Mortality Curriculum Development.

Karen Cecil. The Relationship of Self-esteem and Health Risk Behaviors of Adolescent Girls Enrolled in Girl Neighborhood Power.

Jennifer Chapman. Perceptions of peer alcohol consumption and self-reported drinking behaviors of first-year residents at a private, Southeastern university.

Winifried Chapman. Utilization of Private Physicians Care for Persons with Diabetes Mellitus: A Regional Comparison, 1985 & 1990.

Anton Chastang. Assessing the Effects of Family Bonding on Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Use Among African American Adolescents.

Olivia Chelko. An Evaluation of Abortion Data and Abortion Reporting in Georgia.

Swan Cheng. The Lack of Acculturation as a Risk Factor for Fall-Related Injuries Among the Hispanic Elderly.

I-Shan Chiang. Do Perceptions of Barriers and Facilitating Factors Relevant to HIV Test Acceptance Differ Between Two Samples of African American Women?

Wendy Childers.  Emergency Preparedness in Georgia:  An Assessment of Public Health Training Needs.

Catherine Chiphazi. Sexual Behaviors, Condom Use and Gender Differences within Urbanite Undergraduate University College Students in Malawi.

Kira Chitwood. The Impact of Mother Daughter Condom Communication on the Protective Behavior of Minority Adolescent Women.

Albert Cho. The Development and Evaluation of a Human Performance Enhancement Program to Discourage Steroid Usage in Teenage Football Players.

Marianne Kim Chung. The Relationship Between Children who Commit Suicide and Prior History of Child Abuse and Neglect.

Ryan Cira. Integrating Radon Testing in Environmental Health Programs: Description of a Model Program Developed by the Board of Health DeKalb County, Georgia.  

JoAnna Clark. Utilization of Vaccine Information Pamphlets by Health Care Providers.

Valeria Clarke. Knowledge, Attitudes & Beliefs Regarding Predictive Testing for a Neurodegenarative Disease: Development of a Questionnaire Examining Alzheimer's Disease.

Allison Cohen. An Assessment of Grady Memorial Hospital Employees' Knowledge and Attitudes about Tuberculosis.

Michelle Cohen.  An Examination of Two Specific Concerns Related to a Potential AIDS Vaccine Among High Risk Populations.

Jennifer Coker. Social Support and Health Outcomes After Spinal Injury: A Mediation Analysis.

Sha Juan Colbert. The short-term impact of an HIV/AIDS intervention using hip-hop music: Analyzing sexual topic discussions among African American adolescents.

Brandy Cole. Methadone maintenance participants" Risk for and protection of HIV and viral hepatitis.

Marlene Cole. A Case Study Evaluation of a Problem Behavior Curriculum Implementation.

Laurie Colman.  The Relationship Between Folic Acid Knowledge, Nutrition Label Use, and Folic Acid Consumption.

Amy Compton. Assessing the relationships among functional healthy literacy, diabetes knowledge, and self-efficacy of diabetic members of a managed care organization.

Michael T. Compton. Social Environments Factors Associated with Suicide Attempt among Low-Income African Americans: The Protective Role of Family Relationships and Social Support. 

Megan Jennifer Connerly.  The Force Trial:  A Clinical Trial to Assess the Effects of Flaxseed Oil Consumption on Mediators of Coronary Heart Disease in an Urban, Indigent Population.

Alicia Davis Cooper. The application of a workforce development strategy in a formative evaluation of a BSHE curriculum.

Jana Noel Cordeiro. "A Way Outa No Way", Qualitative Inquiry into the Complexities of Heterosexual Relationships Among Women at High Risk for HIV Disease. 

Ann Duttera Council. Distance Learning and Public Health Workforce Preparedness.

Catherine Rebecca Cranston. Prevalence and Correlates of Drive for Thinness among a Cohort of Black and White Adolescent Females.

Carlotta Crawford. Low Birth Weight, Race and Socioeconomic Status.

Melissa Creary.  A Qualitative Assessment of Sickle Cell Needs in Rural Georgia Communities:  A Patient's Perspective.

Taylor Crenshaw. A Mentoring Program for Public Health Nurses in Georgia.

Shaniece Criss.  The Role of HSV-2 in the Search for Partners:  An In-Depth Exploration of Online Personal Ads.

Julie Dahms. Women's experience of stress and coping strategies in breast cancer.

Nichole Ann Daluga. A Content Analysis of Sexual Risk and Protective Behaviors and Messages in Sexually Explicit Web Pages Viewed By a National Probability Sample of U.S. Adolescents.

Karolyn Damond. Exposure to Violence Among Young Survivors of Homicide: A Descriptive Analysis

Linda Danavall. Sexual risk behaviors in recovering addicts who attend Narcotics Anonymous.

Matthew Daniel. The Asthma Self-Management Quiz: An Instrument for Evaluating the Grady Hospital Asthma Self-Management Education Program.

Melissa Davey. Mother-daughter communication about sex: An examination of content and maternal characteristics.

Rhonda Davis. Repeat Routine Mammography Screening and the Associated Factors.

Shirley Deasy. Non-Adherers to Follow-up Recommendations for Abnormal Pap Smear: The Health Belief Model.

Vara DeLoney. Preferred learning styles of correctional health care providers for HIV/AIDS clinical information.

Molly De Marco. Alcohol use in pregnancy: An examination of the relationship between alcohol use and mortality.

Renata Dennis. A Survey of the Process in the Decision to Adopt a Congregational Health Ministry.

Pamela Denzmore. A formative evaluation of a training video for recruiters.

Alison Deysher.  Sexpressions:  A Curriculum Examining Women's Sexual Lives after Breast Cancer.

Andrea Diallo.  The Relationship Between Religiosity and Problem Behaviors in African American Adolescents.

Karolyn Carr Diamond. Exposure to Violence Among Youth Survivors of Homicide: A Descriptive Analysis.

Marilyn Elizabeth Dickerson. A Descriptive Analysis of the AIDS and African American Faith Community Survey.

Nichelle Dickerson. An Evaluation of HIV Wellness Centers in Southeast Georgia. 

Shane Dickman. The Effects of an HIV/AIDS Related Media Event on the Type caller and Call Content to the CDC National AIDS Hotline.

Shane Thomas Diekman. The Effects of an HIV/AIDS-Related Media Event on the Type of Caller and Call Content to the CDC National AIDS hotline.

Ann DiGirolamo. Intention or Experience? Predictors of Continued Breastfeeding.

Laurie Dimick. The Attitudes of Nurse Practitioners Towards Caring for Patients with Aids.

Stephanie Dobbins.  Oral Healthcare Impact on Medical Outcomes for HIV/AIDS Patients.

Andrea Dopico. Antimicrobial Resistance and Prescribing Practices: Applying the Diffusion of Innovations Theory to Study a Growing Public Health Problem.

Angela Doucette. An Examination of Faculty Knowledge and Attitudes About University Counseling Services and the Environmental and Situational Factors Associated With Faculty Referral.

Mary Margaret Driskell. Assessment of Validity and Reliability of Survey Instruments: Evaluating Satisfaction with Reach to Recovery in Georgia.

Jessica Duncan. Condom Use Among Juvenile Arrestees: A Transtheoretical Approach.

Shalini Eddens. A Content Analysis of HIV Adherence Studies Published Between 1990-2000 in the US.

Elizabeth Edwards. The Effects of Two Educational Strategies on Knowledge and the Intentions of Adolescents to Practice Contraception.

Keisha M. Edwards. The Relationship Between Perceived Parental Monitoring and Sexual Risk Behavior Among Incarcerated Adolescents.

Amy Eglinton. Internal Medicine Resident Physicians' Knowledge, Attitudes, and Reported Practices with Respect to Asthma Management in an Adult Primary Care Setting.

Michelle Eichler. The Quality and Effectiveness of HIV Post-Test Counseling.

Angelica P. Ejanda. A Stages of Change Approach to Assessing a Small Worksite's WIV Health Fair Participants Health Behaviors and Guiding the Design and Evaluation of Future Health Intervention Programs.

Mary Elster. Impact of Motivation, Self-Efficacy, and Goals on Exercise in an Incentive-Based Worksite Health Promotion Program.

Elizabeth Emmett. Adolescent Cigarette Smoking and Area-Specific Self-Esteem.

Ngoc-Cam Escoffery. An Assessment of Computer Use, Knowledge, and Attitudes of Public Health Workers in Georgia.

Aba Delore Essuon. The Life, Knowledge, and Power of Mississippi Head Start Mothers.

Michelle Esterberg.  Smoking Behavior in Persons with Schizophrenia-Spectrum Disorders:  A Qualitative Investigation of the Transtheoretical Model.

Amy Estlund. A Qualitative Study of the Effects of a Dance and Youth Development Program on Violence Prevention in Inner City Adolescents.

Dabney Page Evans. A Comparison of Birth Outcomes of Infants Born to Resource Mothers Program Participants and Matched Non-Participants in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tekla Evans.  The Relationship Between Exposure to Violence and Chlamydia Rates Among Detained Female Adolescents.

David Feig. An Examination of the Prevalence of ADHD in a Population of Spinal Cord Injury Patients.

Arma Fernandez.  What About Us?  The Support Needs of Adult Children Moving an Aging Parent into an Assisted Living Facility.

Brigette Finkestein. The Application of Problem Behavior Theory to Perceptions of Danger for Risky Behaviors in Adolescents.

Ramona Finnie. Factors Associated with Graduate Students' Utilization of University Counseling Center Services.

Frances Fiocchi. Time in Treatment and Birth Outcomes among Cocaine-Using Pregnant Women

Deborah Fisher. The Relationship Between Religiosity and Risk Taking Among College Students.

Laurie Fischer. Teenage Driving Behavior: Identification of a Sequential Model.

Aisha Fletcher.  A Quantitative Analysis of Racial Differences among Prostate Cancer Patients:  An Examination of Self-Efficacy in Coping with Cancer and Quality of Life.

Erica A. Flowers. Arsenic and Lead Contamination in Proposed and Final National Priority List (NPL) Sites in Louisiana: Risk to Minority and Low-Income Populations.

Alisa Foreman.  How Perceptions of Black Masculinity are Related to the Sexual Practices of Behaviorally Bisexual Black Men.

Renata M. Fortenberry.  Not Just Sexual Assault:  Exploring The Prevalence of Unwanted Sexual Experiences and Associated Disclosure and Mental Health Service Utilization of Emory University Women.

Melissa Foster. The Impact of the Health Care Provider on the Initiation to Breastfeed among Child-Bearing Puerto Rican Women.

Jane Fox. Assessing the HIV training needs of clinical healthcare providers in the Southeast.

Maria Fraire. A Formative Evaluation of a Tuberculosis Photonovel.

Eileen Franco. An Assessment of the American Cancer Society's Lane Adams Award.

Jill E. Franczyk. Assessing the Stages of Change  For  a Violence Free Life Among Female African American Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence.

Wanda Frazier. Assessing the Influence of Religious or Spiritual Beliefs on Decisions Related to Organ Donation Among African Americans.

Darcy Ann Freedman. Structural Factors and Adolescent HIV Prevention : The Voices of Detained Youth.

Jennifer Katherine French. Building Evaluation Capacity Through Logic Model Development and Use.

Gordon Freymann. Beliefs about Noise- Induced Hearing Loss: Intended and Actual Hearing Protector Use: An Application of the Health Belief Model.

Lori Friedman. Factors Impacting a Community-Based Needle Disposal Program for Injecting Drug User.

Karen Frost. Reported Versus. Actual Mortality: Causes of Death as Represented by U.S. Print Media.

Dinamane Garcia. A Survey of Barriers to Retinopathy Screening Among Kaiser Permanente Members with Diabetes Mellitus.

Linda Garrettson. A Condom Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Training for African American Women and Men Living in Public Housing.

Laura Gearheart. Disease Prevention vs. Health Promotion Philosophy: Do Health Educators Differ by Place of Work.

Margaret Gearing. A Formative Evaluation of a Community-Based Sexuality Education Curriculum.

Danielle German. Qualitative inquiry into HIV protective behaviors among crack cocaine users in Atlanta.

Vipra Ghimire. The Health Information needs of Parents Whose Children are at High Risk for Lead Poisoning. 

Tara Bridget Giblin. Healthcare Worker Perceptions of the Problem of Antimicrobial Resistance in Healthcare Facilities.

Constance Gillam. Behavioral Factors Contributing to Exercise in the Post Cardiac Rehabilitated Patient.

Jennifer Rohr Gillett.  The Emory College Health Risk Behavior Study.

Heather Jeanette Gomes. Status and Barriers: Immunizations in a Native American Population.

Elina Green.  An Evaluation of the Evidence Investigating an Association between Environmental Tobacco Smoke and Myocardial Infarction.

Kari Greene.  Social Ecology of Sexuality: Roles of Sexual Relationships for Women Inject Illicit Drugs.

Deborah Griffith. Evaluation of the 1995 American Cancer Society Fundraising Conference: Influential Factors in the Implementation of Skills Learned.

Tanisha Simone Grimes. The Association Between Sexual Communication, Condom Use Self -Efficacy and Applying a Condom on a Male Partner.

Allison Groff.  Self-Efficacy for Weight Loss in Women with a History of Weight-Cycling.

Felicia Guest. Educational Methods: A Pilot Study of a Curriculum for Preservice Health Professionals.

Anu Radha Gupta. An Exploration of Factors Associated With Intention to Obtain Vasectomy Services in Guatemala City. 

Mridula Gupta. An Evaluation of the Lessons Learned From Georgia INPHO.

Kathy Hageman.  Beyond Monogamy:  Opportunities To Further Reduce Risk For HIV Infection Among Young Adult Zimbabwean Women With Only One Lifetime Partner.

Meklit Hailemeskal.  Assessment of the Role of Primary Prevention in Predicting Care-Seeking Behavior for Malaria in Tanzania.

Patricia Hale. Tobacco Outcome Expectancies of Adolescents.

Shanda Haley. The Frequency of Condom Use as it Relates to Self-Efficacy in STD Clinic Patients.

Grace Hall. Adherence to HIV Care Standards in Georgia's Department of Corrections.

Melissa Hall. American Cancer Society New England Division Quality Action Planning Training Evaluation.

Erica Renee Hall. Attitudes Towards Individualized, Medically Based Health Education Interventions Among Adult African American Women Diagnosed With Hypertension.

Tricia Hall. Attitudes, Subjective Norms, Intentions and Condom Behavior, Differences in Sexually Abused vs Non-Abused African American Female Adolescents.

Desiree Andrea Hammond. Parental Discipline and Adolescent Sexual-Risk Behavior.

Jayme Hannay. Life Events or Life Story? An Exploratory Study of Stress and Coping in Toni Morrison's Beloved.

Tunisia Hargrave.  A Formative Evaluation of the Wesley Woods Senior Living, Inc. Health and Wellness Programs at Asbury Harris Epworth Towers and Brannan Towers.

Karen Harris. Diabetic Health Beliefs in Relation to Compliance.

Carol Hayes. Knowledge and Attitudes of Pregnant Women about Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

Jill Hayes. Benefits of a Coordinated System of Community-Based Health Care Services for Medically Underserved Children.

Lauria Haynes. An Assessment of Usage and Attitudes in Maternal and Child Health Agencies in Georgia.

Ashley Heath.  Assessing Health Belief Model Constructs that Influence Breast Self-Examination Practice among Male Employees of the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Jennifer Hegle. Implementing HIV/AIDS Prevention and Mititgation Activities Through the Agricultural Extension Services in Malawi: A Formative Assessment.

Carrie Heist. A Model of Environmental Factors and Internal Personal Factors to Determine Trust in Health Care Provider in a Sample of Mothers.

Carrie Heitzler. Exploring the Determinants of Physical Activity: Focus Group Research Among Different Adult Gender, Racial and Education Groups In Metro Atlanta

Else Henry. An Analysis of Gender, Personality, and Spinal Cord Injury.

Natlie D. Hernandez.  Social and Cultural Influences on Latina Adolescents' Sexual Practices.

Emily Higgins.  Overall Mental Well Being in Georgia's Incarcerated Adolescents and its Association to Risky Sexual Behavior.

Gena Hill. Gender Differences of Future Time Perspective and Psychological Functioning in Adolescent Social Offenders Detained in Boot Camps

Phyllis Ann Hill. The Assessment of the Reliability of an Adolescent Pregnancy Risk Appraisal Tool.

Allison Hillman. A Qualitative Case Study of A paid Resource Mothers Program in Atlanta, Georgia.

Josephine Hinchman. Reducing Health Care Utilization: A Cross-Sectional Evaluation of the "People With Arthritis Can Exercise (PACE)" program.

Kimberly Hiner.  Attitudes and Knowledge of Campus Smoking Policies Among College Undergraduates at a Southeastern University.

Elizabeth Hoelscher. Public Health Obesity Interventions Provided by States - Priorities, Perceptions, and Programs, A Descriptive Study.

Evelyn Hoffa. Complaince among Stroke and Heart Attack Prevention Program (SHAPP) patients in Laurens County, Georgia.

Marla Hollander. Evaluation of the American Cancer Society Southeast Division's Reach to Recovery Program: An In-Depth Look at Referral Practices of Health Care Providers.

Nancy Elizabeth Hood. Using Standards to Improve Practical Evaluation: A Training Evaluation.

Kerri Hren. Design and Assessment of an Evaluation Tool for Georgia. Poison Control's Third Grade Poison Education Curriculum.

Kelly Hummer. A Descriptive and Correlational Analysis of Risk for Violence in Fourth Graders in Savannah Area Elementary Schools.

Amy Humpheys. Factors Associated With the Intention to Initiate Breast Feeding in Low-Income Pregnant Women as Elucidated Through the Constructs of the Transtheorectical Model and the Theory of Reasoned Action.

Laurie Leigh Hunt. Qualitative Inquiry into the Processes Surrounding State Issued Fish Advisories in the Southeastern United States.

Rachel Brooke Ingersoll. Evaluation of the Dekalb County Board of Health Youth Tobacco Prevention Program.

Deborah Isenberg. A Content Analysis of Peer Review Articles Concerning Rural HIV/AIDS in the United States Published from 1981-1995.

Leia Isanhart.  HIV Workplace Services and Policies in a Malian Textile Enterprise:  An Assessment of STI/HIV Health Service Needs.

Elizabeth Jacobs.  Condom Use Self-Efficacy and Risky Sexual Behavior among Adolescent African American Females Reporting Depressive Symptomatology.

Angela Jaszczak. Adolescent Health Behaviors: A Cross-Sectional Survey of Risk and Resiliency in Southeast Georgia.

Emily Jenkins.  Eating Disorder Interventions for Adolescents Females: Do More School-Based Prevention Activities Have a Greater Impact?

Lenora  Johnson. An Analysis of Health Education Professional Preparation Programs and Faculty.

Jacqueline Johnson. A Culturally Sensitive Breast Health Curriculum For African American Women Age 50 Years and Older.

Shakaria Johnson.  Ethnic Identity as a Protective Factor of Body Image among African American Female Adolescents. 

Tova Joanna Johnson.  The Influence of Social Inequalities on The views of African Americans Regarding Organ and Tissue Donation.

Candace Jones. Knowledge and Behaviors of Four and Five-Year-Old Children Regarding Handwashing After Participation in the "Healthy Hands are Happy Hands" Intervention.

Edward Jones. The Influence of Injury on Running as a Regular Exercise Activity.

Stephanie Jones. The Effect of Previous Mammography Use and Environment on Follow Up Compliance.

Tendai N. Jordan-Trimble. The Evaluation of the Fulton County Health Department Parent-Infant Intervention Program.

Michele Justice. Evaluation of the American Cancer Society Southeast Division Community Development Grant program For Youth Tobacco Use Prevention.

Rachel Kachur. Qualitative Inquiry into the Knowledge of and Perception of Risk For the HCV Among Methamphetamine Users in Metropolitan Atlanta.

Ngozi Nina Kamalu. Examining Team Sport Participation as a Resilience-Enhancing Moderator Between Child Sexual Abuse and Adverse Mental Health Outcomes: A Hopelessness, Suicidal Ideation, and Eating Disorders.

Stephanie Kamin. Situational and Environmental Factors Associated With College Students' Utilization of Campus Psychological Counseling Services.

April Kelley.  Promotion of Couples' Voluntary HIV Counseling and Testing:  A Comparison of Influence Networks in Rwanda and Zambia

R. Lyn Kieltyka. The Relationship Between Physiological and Behavioral Factors in Type 2 Diabetes.

Misha Kilpatrick. Assessing Georgia Pediatricians' Attitudes, Beliefs and Practices Regarding Environmental History-Taking.

Angela Sang Kim. Effects of a Sexual Assault Prevention Program on Middle School Adolescents: Respect Curriculum.

Jennifer Kim. HIV Knowledge, Condom Self-Efficacy and Intention to Practice Safer Sex Among Immigrant and US-born Asians in New York City.

Miriam Kiser. Church Characteristics and the Implementation of Youth Sexuality Education.

Rosemarie Kobau. Self-management in Epilepsy: An Assessment of Self-Efficacy, Outcome Expectations, Social Support and Well-Being.

Erin Kobetz. Cancer Fatalism, Depression and Quality of Life in African American Cancer Patients.

Brian Kolodziejski.  HIV Vaccine Acceptance:  An Information Tracing Approach.

Ariane Kraus. HIV Related Behaviors of Homeless Youth: 1992 National Health Interview Survey.

Jeanne Krider. Coping Techniques as Survival Skills among Female Victims of Intimate Partner Violence.

Aimee Kryda.  Mistrust or Misunderstanding:  Exploring Chronic Homeless Perspectives on Service Array and Outreach Practices in New York City.

Jennifer Kurmaskie. The Evaluation of the Arthritis Foundation Education in Control: Managing your Arthritis.

Randall Kuykendall. County Specific Prevalence of Regular Physical Activity in Georgia: A Comparison of Three Analytical Methods Using Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Data.


Kelly Ladin. The Effect of Content of Sexual Communication Between Mothers and Adolescents on Adolescent Sexual Values and Sexual Behavior.

Tamara Lynn Lamia. A Formative Evaluation of Tracking Forms for the American Cancer Society's Southeast Division Tell a Friend Program.

Fiona Lawrence.  Knowledge, Perceived Risk of Cardiovascular Disease and the Lifestyle Choices of Undergraduates.

Helan Lee. Factors Associated with Participation in Medical Research. A Descriptive Comparison Between Black and White Americans.

Lily Lee. An Evaluation of An Arthritis Foundation Self-Management Workshop.

Aisha Leftridge.  Feasibility of Using Two-Way Pager Communication in a Nutrition and Physical Activity Intervention for African American Adolescents.

Jessica Legge. Department of Veterans Affairs Staff Perceptions of Homeless Women Veterans' Health Care.

Linda Lehman. The Analysis of the Health educational Methods and Efforts in a 1986 Wound Reduction Program for 72 Bolsista Workers with Hansen's Disease Working at the Hospital Sao Francisco de Assis in Bambui, Minas Geras-Brazil.

Laura Leidel.  Parental Acceptance of Emerging Vaccines for their Children.

Corinne Lemal. Awareness, Accessibility and Utilization of Health care Services by Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers in Georgia.

Kathryn Lenberg.  Alcohol and Marijuana Use and its Relationship to Depression in Adolescent African American Women.

Danni Lentine. Homeless Youth: An Analysis of Gender and Condom Use Predictors.

Allison Leppke. Social Factors Affecting Intramural Sports Participation in Cobb County Middle Schools.

Sara Levinson. An Evaluation of the Implementation of the American Cancer Society's "Tell a Friend" Program in Corporate and Community Settings Through Identification of Opinion-Leading Organizations.

Amy Kathleen Lewis. Utilization of the Varicella Vaccine: A Secondary Analysis of Data from the Georgia Immunization Study.

Melissa Lewis.  An Exploratory Study of Sex-Related Communication Between African-American Fathers and Sons:  What do They Talk About?

Charlene Liggins. A Quantitative Assessment of the Attitudes, Knowledge and Informational Needs of South Carolina Family Physicians Concerning Environmental and Occupational Health Issues.

Kristen Lindemer. A Descriptive Quantitative/Qualitative Study of Vaccination Practices and Perceptions of Public and Private Health Care Providers in Georgia.

Jenny Lipana. Interpersonal Sex-Based Communication Among Asian and Pacific Islander College Students. An Exploratory Study.

Yael Lipton. The Main Components of a Community-Based Pregnancy Prevention Program for Urban Hispanic Adolescent Females.

Laura Lloyd. Factors Associated With Substance Abuse Treatment Intentions and Behaviors Among Injection Drug Users in Denver, CO.

Rita Lloyd.  Knowledge of and Attitudes Toward HPV in Young Adult African-American Females:  Implications for Targeted Educational Strategies.

Elizabeth Loftus. The Sociodemographic Differences of Women of Reproductive Age Seeking Interventions For Intimate Partner Violence in Georgia.

Alina Lopez. The Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Folic Acid Intake Among Hispanic Salon Clientele in the Prevention of Spina Bifida.

Gloria Arlene Lopez-Glass. Using the Health Belief Model to Assess the Perceptions Among Latina Patients of their Prenatal Care Services in the Greater Atlanta Area.

Tracyann Louden.  A Meta-Analysis of Child Sexual Abuse and HIV Risk Behaviors Among Women.

Rebecca Lozman.  Program Evaluation of WIC Magic Bag to a Healthy Weight at Cobb County Health Department.

Judy Lubin. The Influence of Individual and Environmental Barriers on Exercise Frequency in College-Educated African American Women.

Bridget Lyons. Using the Social Cognitive Theory to Explain the Relationship Between Literacy Skills and the Experience of Intimate Partner Violence.

Allison MacNeil.  A Content Analysis of Cigarette Advertising in Magazines

Carolyn Bernadette Mahoney. Nursing Students' Knowledge of and Utilization of a University Counseling Center.

Kara Marchman. The Models of Ethical Reasoning Utilized When Treating HIV/AIDS Patients: A Survey of Licensed Practicing Physicians in Georgia.

Benyamin Margolis.  The Effect of Self-Reported Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Dimensions in Adults on Smoking:  Consideration of the Self-Medication Hypothesis.

Chad Martin. Antecedents to Maternal Communication About HIV/AIDS with a Son or Daughter.

Yvette Marie Martin. Choosing a Certified Nurse-Midwife or Physician for Prenatal Care and Delivery. What Factors are Important?

Mary Mathis. Sociodemographic Characteristics and HIV-Related Sexual Behavior Among U.S. High School Students, 1990: Does the School Context Matter?

Sonya Broadnax Matthews. Predisposing, enabling, reinforcing factors of older women around abnormal mammography.

Stacey Mattison. The Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of an Asthma Awareness Curriculum.

Joyce Mbwana. Assessing Sexual Practices and Self-Efficacy for HIV Prevention Among Adolescents.

Maribet McCarty. Adolescent Cigarette Smoking and Injury Risk Behavior.

Tiffany McDonald. Perceived Susceptibility of Adolescent Girls who are Pregnant versus Those with no History of Pregnancy.

Catherine McDonough. Risk Factors for Low Birthweight Infants in a Nurse-Midwifery Caseload.

Katherine McElroy. Utilization of Individual Opinion Leaders for the Improvement of the American Cancer Society's Tell-A-Friend Program.

Jodie McGill. Cultural Practices of the Tumbuka People of Northern Malawi as They Relate to the Sexual Transmission of HIV.

Rosemary McKaig. The Personal Impact of Acquires Immune Deficiency Syndrome and the Human Immunodeficiency Virus on the Lives of Health Care Providers.

Amy Mehaffie. Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Among Primary Food Preparers in Lower Socioeconomic Families with a School-age Child.

Janna Melsness. Incarcerated Women and HIV: Reducing the Risk.

Marcie L. Memmer. A Content Analysis of E-mails Sent to the American Cancer Society's Web Site.

Kristina Mercer. Predictors of Current Condom Use Among Georgia Females Ages 15 - 24.

Aaron Mettey. Associations Between Internet Sex-Seeking and Risk Behaviors Among Men Attending a Sex Resort.

Inuka Midha. Media Correlates of Physical Activity and Nutrition Among Teens in the U.S.

Jessica Miller. The Association Between Parenting Style and Reactions of African American Adolescents to Potentially Violent Situations.

Michelle L. Miller.  Risk Setting and Sunscreen Use in Undergraduate College Students.

Rebecca Miller. The Immunization Status of Two-Year-Old Children Born to Teenage Mothers in the State of Georgia.

Marguerite Mills. The impact of physical disabilities on sexuality and body image of adolescents: A critical review of the literature.

Micah Milton. An Evaluation of the American Cancer Society's Research Program Report for 1997.

Meenoo Mishra. A Pilot Test of a Qualitative Instrument For a Family-Centered Training Program For Pediatric Residents.

Andrea Mitchell. Perceived Susceptibility and Intentions to Perform Preventive Health Screening Behaviors Among A Sample of Adult Adoptees.

Gail Mitchell. The Role of Oral Health Among People with Diabetes.

Chanda Mobley. Young Children with Asthma in Preschool Settings: How Prepared are Preschool Teachers?

Arnel Montenegro.  Socioeconomic Status, Demographics, and Educational Correlates to HIV Risk Behaviors among Men who have Sex with Men in a Northeastern City:  Baseline Data from the Explore Study.

Marybeth Moore.  Formative Research Following Social Marketing Principles About Physical Activity and Nutrition Behaviors For Seven to Twelve Year Olds in Fulton and Dekalb Counties, Georgia.

Dominico Mori. Computers and EPI Info: Usage, Knowledge and Attitudes.

Victoria Morris. Health Risk Behaviors of High School Dropouts Participating in the Youth Challenge Program: A Descriptive Study.

Mary Muse. African American Church Leaders' Influence on the Health Behavior of Parishioners. 

Sapna Mysoor.  Assessing the Relationships Between Self-Efficacy for Diabetes Management and Diabetes Knowledge among Enrollees of a Managed Care Organization.

Apophia Namageyo- Funa. Human Genetics Communication: Whom Does the Public Trust?

Katherine Nattrass. Forces of Change: An examination of faculty teaching at a distance.

Emily Nichols. Am I No Longer a Human Being?: Associations and Effects of Perceived HIV Stigma and Negative Health Outcomes.

Jill Nielson. A Comparison of African-American Adolescents' and their Mothers' Outcome Expectancies Toward Condoms and the Effect on Condom Behavior.

Phuong Hong Nguyen.  Condom Use,  Contraceptions and Sexual Transmitted Disease Prevalence among Women in Child-Bearing Age in Thainguyen, Vietnam

Julie Norman. A Quantitative Assessment of Caregiver Perceptions of Barriers to Children Receiving Well Child Care Under the Georgia EPSDT Program.

Jelicia Nuccio. Pediatricians' Knowledge of Deafness.

Sabrina Parker Obasuyi.  Families Understanding Nutrition (FUN) Club, A WIC-Based Toddler-Focused Obesity Prevention Program in One of Georgia's Health Districts

Lydia Odenat. Depression, Caregiver Burden, and Social Support Among the Informal Caregivers of Persons Living With HIV.

Gabriel Onofre.  A Study of Adherence to Tuberculosis Prophylactic Therapy Among Hispanics in DeKalb County Georgia.

Poorni Otilingam. Institutional and Healthcare Staff Factors Associated With the Management of Patients' Advance Directives.

Nynikka Palmer. Sexual Risk Behaviors Among Adolescent Females.

Elizabeth Parra. Social Support and Fall-Related Injuries Among Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Older Adults.

Margot Parra. Evaluation of a Medication Education Curriculum for the Independent Elderly.

Alison Patti.  A Qualitative Analysis of Tobacco use and Secondhand Smoke in Immigrant and Refugee Populations of Dekalb County, Georgia.

Jocelyn Patterson. HIV Antibody Counseling and Testing Behaviors among African American Women.

Katherine Paulsen. The Development of Outcome Measures and Indicators for the Well-Being of Children and Families, Theory, Process and Influencing Factors.

Quionda Perkins.  Taste Your Health: A Comparison of the Eating Disorder Symptomatology of African-American Female Undergraduates at a Predominately White and Historically Black University.

Natasha M. Petrofsky. The Relationship Between Adequate Supervision and Unintentional Deaths in Georgia Children.

Eric Pevzner. A Behavioral Assessment of Patients' Readiness to Participate in Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Programs.

Debbie Phan. Utilizing the Problem Behavior Theory to Predict Risk Factors for Recidivism Among Adolescent Offenders.

Ursula Phoenix. Early Childhood Abuse History and Criminality: An Examination of Adolescent Social Offenders.

Laurel Pickering. Assessing the Effectiveness of an AIDS in the Workplace Reference and Referral System.

Navvab Pike. Factors Which Might Influence Institutions to Require Heath Education Course Work of Generalist.

Patricia Ann Pippen. Does the Prevalence of Vulvovagenal Candidiasis Increase in Females with HIV?

Patricia Poindexter. An Assessment of the Sexuality Instructional Needs of Parents of Disabled Children.

Tifffani Ponder.  Understanding Visitors to Online Tourette Syndrome Bulletin Boards.

Victoria Porter.  Parent-Adolescent Sexual Communication its Association with Adolescent Sexual Behaviors and Consequences.

Andrea Postier. A Descriptive Analysis of Antiepileptic Medication Complexity at Two Clinical Sites: Atlanta and Boston.

Jennifer Ann Potter.  Evaluation of the SAFE KIDS of DeKalb Child Passenger Safety Seat Program.

Cecil Lamonte Powell. The Relationship of Psychosocial Factors to Academic Achievement Among African American High School Students.

Robin Puett. A Model of Environmental Risk Factors and Internal Personal Risk Factors to Predict Suicide Attempts in a Sample of Women.

Claire Pullen. The Role of Physicians and Mammography Facilities in Promoting the Early Detection of Breast Cancer in DeKalb County Women. 

Kristin Quitoni. The Protective Effects of the Parent-Child Relationship and Self-Esteem on Drug Use Behavior Among African American Adolescents: An Assessment of Project Excellence Baseline Data.

Sharon Rachel.  The Development and Evaluation of a Contraception Curriculum for College Aged Women.

Amit Raghavan.  An Assessment of Scientific Training and Continuing Education Needs of Infectious Diseases Laboratory Personnel at the National Center for Infectious Diseases of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Pranay Ranjan.  An Assessment of Leadership Competencies in Health Policy and Management Programs.

Melanie Rast. Reliability and Validity of the 2001 Georgia Health Farmers' Farm Safety Camp Evaluation Instrument.

Pamela Redmond.  Alcohol Use as Students Transition from High School to College and Variables Associated with College Alcohol Use.

Amanda Reich.  An Ecological Study of Risk Factors for Child Neglect in Georgia.

Audrey A. Reichard. An Evaluation of the FrameWork in a Home-Based Pressure Sore Prevention Project For People With Spinal Cord Injuries.

Anita Renahan-White. Safety Knowledge Achievement of First Graders Following Exposure to Egkeston's Safety Town Program.

Liana Richardson. The Social Context of the Attitudes and Beliefs of African Americans about Donation: An Analysis of the Perception of Donation and Transplantation Professionals.

Alyson Louise Richmond. Stressful Life Events and Coping: A study of Depression, Suicide, and Risky Behaviors Among Incarcerated Adolescents.

Anna Robbins. Sustained Volunteerism in Terms of Reciprocal Determinism.

Monica Rogers. Evaluation of a School-Based Injury Prevention Program for Five, Six, and Seven Year Olds.

Elizabeth Rooney. Attitudes of Associate Degree Nursing Students Toward the Elderly.

Kyrel Rowell.  Perceived Racism as a Stressor in Suicide Attempts Among African Americans.

Linda Rowland. An Examination of Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy in Female Caretakers of Chronically Ill School-aged Children.

Colleen Rowland. Availability of Fruits and Vegetables as a Predictor of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Among African Americans.

Danielle E. Ruedt. The Correlation Between Knee Pain Severity and Activities of Daily Living Among African Americans Who Have Attended Grady Memorial Hospitals "Pace" Program.

LaTonya D. Russell. Emotional Abuse and Age of First Vaginal Sexual Experience: An Examination of a Sample of African American Female Juvenile Detainees.

Heather Ryan. Theory of Planned Behavior and Increasing Participant Knowledge in a Seat Belt and Child Safety Seat Intervention.

Fatema Salam. A Cognitive Assessment of Retrospective Self-Reported HIV Medication Adherence.

Amy Lynn Sandul. Institutional Permissibility and Staff Attitudes Associated With 'Hastening Death' When Treating Patients at End-of-Life.

Karena Sapsis. A Formative Evaluation of the Continuing Education Training Putting Theory into Practice: Tools for Change.

Jennifer Sayles. Utilizing Associations Between Children's Cognitive and Psychomotor Development and the Risk Factors for Unintentional Childhood Injuries to Enhance Physician Anticipatory Guidance.

Melissa Schenkman.  Getting to the Heart of the Matter:  An Examination of Adolescents' Knowledge and Attitudes Related to Heart Disease, Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Media Influences and the Adoption of a Healthy Lifestyle.

Rebecca Schilling. The Relationship Between Lead Levels and Children's Blood Lead Levels.

Lawrence Scholl. Examining the Health Concerns of Graduate Students to Facilitate the Development of Health Promotion Interventions.

Robin Schultz. Male Attitudes and Decisions Making Processes Towards Natural Family Planning and the Basal Body Temperature Method of Contraception.

Patti Seikus. Camp Diversity: An Arthritis Education Program to Assess Girl Scouts' Awareness of an Attitudes About Peers with Disabilities.

Selma Selimovic.  Maternal Leave Policy and the Impact on Maternal Mental Health in a Sample of Bosnian and Herzegovinian Refugees.

Ami Shah. An Assessment of Knowledge, Attitudes and Willingness to Participate in an HIV Vaccine Trial.

Eileen Shapiro. An Evaluation Assessing the Impact of the Street AIDS Risk Reduction Program, A Project of the Georgia Department of Human Resources.

Tracy Shapiro. Gender Differences in Sexual Behavior and Alcohol Consumption on a College Campus.

Ekaterine Shapatava.  Risky Behavioral Factors Related to the Transmission of HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Among Injecting Drug Users In Georgia.

Katherine Sharp. Worksite Smoking Control in Georgia.

Lydia Sharp. Investigating the Association Between Behavior and Salmonella Javiana: A Secondary Data Analysis.

Naveed Shaukat. Key Issues in In-Patient Education of Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery Patients and Effectiveness of Teaching.

R. Thomas Sherba. Analysis of Alcohol Use Cessation in Gay and Lesbian Youth: A Transtheoretical Approach.

Roger Paul Sherman. Models of Ethical Reasoning Used By Medical Students When Making Descions About the Management of HIV/Aids Patients.  

Jessica Shisler. A Study of the Stages of Development and Maintenance in Interorganizational Relations.

Robing Shrestha-Kuwahava. The Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Vietnamese Refugees on INH Chemoprophylaxis: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis.

Gretchen Simmons. Applying Multiple Behavioral Theories to Explain Intention to Breast Feed.

Rachel Barron-Simpson. The Association of Drug Use and Perceived Risk of HIV to Condom Use  Barriers Among African-American Women.

Helen Harber Singer. Measuring a Community Capacity to Address Health Issues  Related to Environment Lead: An Assessment of an Interorganizational Network in Ottawa County, Oklahoma Using Network Analysis Procedures.

Ranbir Singh.  An Evaluation of Oral Health Coalitions and Collarborations. 

Ronda Sinkowitz. The Epidemiology of Vancomycin Usage as Measured by Vancomycin Doses Charges at Children's Hospital, 1993-1995.

Theresa Sipe. Teaching Breast Self-Examination in the School Age Population Using Modeling Versus Modeling with Guided Practice.

Alison M. Sipler. A Process Evaluation of the Prevention Alliance For Tobacco Control and Health Coalition. 

Larisa Slaughter. An Analysis of Mood Disturbance Over Time in Patients with Internal Cardioverter Defibrillators.

Wendy I. Slavit. The Rethink Anger Management Program:  Development and Evaluation of a Third and Fourth Grade Curriculum.

Andrea Bailee Smith. Gender Differences Among Youth Enrolled in an After-School Program.

Golda Smith. Coping methods of abused African American women: A comparison of suicide attempters and non-attempters.

Jamie N. Smith. Substance Use and Sexual Activity Among African-American Adolescents in the South: A Comparison of Rural and Urban Youth.

Julia Smith. An Assessment of the Computer Usage, Knowledge, and Attitudes of Georgia County Public Health Workers.

L. Shakiyla Smith.  Exposure to Community Violence:  Its Impact on Health Behaviors and Coping Responses Among Low-Income Black Women.

Laurie Snead. The Need for a School Health Promotion Program: An Approach of the Precede Model.

Lynn Soban. Theoretical, Psychological and Demographic Predictors of the Level of Use of the American Cancer Society's Research Promotion Guide.

Hugh Spitler. Parental Monitoring and Peer Influence on Adolescent Sexual Behavior.

Kristen W. Springer. Syringe Disposal Among Injection Drug Users in Metropolitan Atlanta.

Cheryl Patrice Sterling. Survey of Housestaff and Medical Student Knowledge, Attitudes and Experiences Regarding Tuberculouis.

Rachel Stern. A Qualitative Study of Family Communication in Ethnically Diverse Adolescent Populations: Implications for Teen Pregnancy Prevention.

Donna Stevenson. Rationing of Health Care Resources. A Comparative Study of British and American Nurses.

Emily Stewart. Protective Behaviors and Violence: A Study of African American Female Adolescents.

Tamara A. Stewart.  Evaluation of a Dog Bite Prevention Curriculum for Elementary School Students.

Lisa Barre Stigler. An Evaluation of the American Cancer Society "Quality Action Planning" Training.

Amy Stoltenberg. A Longitudinal Analysis of Gastroesophageal Reflux Symptoms, Health-Related Quality of Life, and Histopathology in Children With Eosinophilic Esphagitis During Remission and Relapse.

Christina Stone. Development of a Scale of Medical and Non-Medical Intervention During Pregnancy and Childbirth: The Childbearing Intervention Scale.

Phyllis Katherine Storch. An Analysis of the Effects of Anti-Smoking Socialization Tobacco Messages, and Attitudes on Smoking Behavior of Adolescents in Rural and Urban Georgia.

Demia L. Sundra. Assessing Readiness of HIV-Positive Veterans to Begin Antiretroviral Therapy Using the Transtheoretical Model.

Cristen Suhr.  An Evaluation of Discharge Planning/Community Case Management and Health Service Utilization Among HIV-Infected Adult Male Ex-Offenders Participating in the Corrections Demonstration Project.

Anna Svircev. A Controlled Pilot Study of the Effects of Neuromuscular Therapy in Patients With Parkinson's Disease.

Lauren I. Swirsky. A Formative Evaluation of the Training Curriculum Adolescents Sexuality and Pregnancy Prevention.

Jennifer Taussig. Metropolitan Atlanta Pharmacy In-Charge Attitudes, Beliefs, and Practices Related to the Sale of Syringes in Injection Drug Users as an HIV Prevention Strategy.

Monica Taylor-Desir. The Role of Social Support in Late Life Depression.

Tracey Teuber. A Curriculum to Increase Fruit and Vegetable Consumption in Adolescent Females.

Akilah N'kenge Thomas. Sexual Risk Behaviors of Adolescents Ages 15-18 Years in Relation to their Social Networks Perceived Sexually Transmitted Disease Risk.

Donna Thomas. Co-Existence of Problem Behaviors in Adolescents and the Influence of Perceived Peer Norms on Adolescent Problem Behavior.

Patricia Thomas. An Impact Evaluation of a Stress Management Course.

Jessica Thompson. An Assessment of Immunization Rates and Provision of Services for Children on Medicaid: A Secondary Analysis of Data from the Georgia Immunization Study.

June Thompson. An Assessment of Undergraduate Students' Attitudes and Knowledge about Condom Availability Provided by Emory University.

Olivia Thompson. An Examination of Dietary Behavior as a Predictor of Weight Change Among Pre-Adolescent and Adolescent Girls.

Dionne Thorne. The Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of African American Women, and Men in Relation to Breast Health.

Jasmin Tiro. Religious Well-Being and Religious Involvement as Protective Factors in Abused, Suicidal African American Women.

Rebecca Tomlin. An Evaluation of Survivor Role Modeling as a Mediator of the Relationship Between Social Support and Functional Wellness.

Elizabeth Tong. Exercise Self Efficacy and Physical Activity Level in a One-Year Follow up of an Arthritis Program.

Jessica L. Tovrog. Comparison of Adolescent Females' Environment and Situation Regarding Dieting and Disordered Eating Behaviors. 

Hau Tran.  Condom Use, HIV, and Syphilis Among Two Kinds of Female Sex Workers in a Southern Province of Vietnam.

Karol Antoinette Travis.  A Formative Evaluation of Education Materials for a Topical Vaginal Microbicide Clinical Trial.

Nicole D. Trentacoste. Sexual Risk Behaviors Among Street-Recruited Injection Drug Users in and out of Treatment.

Tendai Jordan Trimble.  The Evaluation of the Fulton County Health Department Parent Infant Intervention Program.

Hang Thu Trinh.  Association Between Social-Demographic Factors and Decision on Chosen Condom Distribution Channels Among Vietnamese Married People.

Steven Trockman. Pharmacists and HIV Prevention: Attitudes and Practices Regarding Syringe Sales to Injection Drug Users.

Mirna Troncoso-Dominguez.  The Nutritional Attitudes and Behaviors of Hispanic Women with Type 2 Diabetes.

Jane Trowbridge. Derivation of a Health Education Intervention Cost-Benefit Model Applied to Smoking Prevalence Rates in Rhode Island, Indiana, and The United States.

Hilary Turner.  Child Abuse and Neglect, Subsequent Psychological Effects, and an Increase in HIV Risk Behaviors Among African American Women.

Leah Tuzzio. The Relationship Between the Quality of Life of Persons with Dementia, Their Troubling Behaviors, and Their Caregiver's Burden.

Kristin Margaret Unzicker. Evaluating Online Interactions in the Career Masters of Public Health Program.  

Debra Veal. Evaluation of the Total Choice Program

Nina Vinson. Prevention of Adolescent Pregnancy and Early Sex Initiation: Effectiveness of an Adolescent Health Promotion Program.

Marlena Wald. Public Libraries as Providers of Public Health Information and Services: Current Attitudes.

Janice Meredith Walker. A Community-Wide Survey For Use in Health Planning in Dekalb County, Georgia.

Melanie Wallentine. The association between adolescent physical partner abuse and high-risk behaviors for contracting HIV/AIDS.

Amy Walters.  Use of the Precaution Process Model in a Qualitative Investigation of Bed-Sharing in a Low-Income, African-American Population.

Erin Walton-Doyle. Dine' Hastoi Be'ina Baa Ha' Hasin (Protecting the Life of Men): A Qualitative Analysis of Motor Vehicle-Related Injuries and Fatalities Among Navajo Men. 

Carol Elizabeth Wang. An Exploration of the Relationship Between Functional Health Literacy and Adherence to Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) in HIV+Persons.

Carmen M. Warren.  Source of Health Information in African American Organ and Tissue Donation Decision-Making:  A Qualitative Analysis.

Anita Washington.  An Analysis of Care Seeking Behavior.

Nyedra Washington. The Impact of Locus of Control on the Sexual Behavior of Females in Boot Camps.

Jill Wasserman. The Effect of Ethnicity and Perceived Power on Men's Sexual Behavior.

Mary Waterman. The Influence of Religious Attendance, Devotion, and Guidance on Depression and Substance Abuse.

Kristen Wells. Effect of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation on Pregnant Women's Intention to Breastfeed.

Gwendolyn Wernersbach.  Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: A Study of the Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviors of African American Infant Caretakers in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jocelyn Wheaton. The Impact of Race on Appraised Mortality Risks.

Myra Wheaton. Qualitative Assessment of Post Neonatal Infant Mortality in Fulton County.

Christie W. Wheeler. Injuries Among School-Based Clinic Users in Southeast Georgia.

T'hani Whitfield.  Social Capital as a Predictor of Sexual Risk and Protective Behavior Among African American Adolescents.

Tracy Wiedt. Impact of Diabetes Among Older Adults.

Alexis Williams. The Analysis of Focus Group Data: A Comparison of the Data Coding Techniques.

Kathryn Wilson. An Evaluation of the CDC Resource Book for TV Writers and Producers.

Kristin Winter. Factors Related to Physician-Initiated Conversation Regarding Complementary Therapies: A Survey of Oncologists.

Susan Schlueter Wirtz. Adherence in HIV+Veterans: Predicting Virologic and Immunologic Changes.

Megan Wiston. A Quantitative Assessment of Variables Associated with the Public and Private Immunization Rates of Two-Year-Old Children in Georgia.

Lindsay Witmer.  Motivational Factors Associated with a Worksite Physical Fitness Program.

Betty Wong. Testing the Conditions for Social Norms Interventions to Improve Health Behaviors at a Private Southeastern University.

Jennifer D. Wong. The Impact of a Chronic Disease Self-Management Program on Self-Efficacy, Disability, Health Distress, and Pain Management Behaviors: An Evaluation of the Arthritis Self-Help Course Four- Hour Workshop.

Rachel V. Wood. An Evaluation of the Georgia Prostate Cancer Education Project: Eight Case Studios Detailing the Redesign of the Training.

Tammy Woodring. Gender Differences of College Students' HIV Prevention Goals.

Kimberly Woodson. An Evaluation of Genetic Medical Services in Two Georgia Early Intervention Program Sites for Handicapped Infants and Toddlers.

Joanna Rahiyyih Wooster. Alcoholism, Depression, Antisocial Behavior, and Attitudes Toward Parenting Among Fathers of 24-Month-Old Infants.

Lateefah Wooten. Public Knowledge, Attitudes, Risk Perceptions and the Placement of Hazardous Waste Facilities.

Katherine Wootten.  A Formative Evaluation of the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention's The Trusth About Suicide:  Real Stories of Depression in College.

Jennifer Gordon Wright. A Multi-State Assessment of the Risk Factors for Contracting Salmonella From Pig Ear Dog Threats.

Mitchell A. Yakrus. The Perceived Threat of consumers to Foodborne Illness.

Amy Lazarus Yaroch. Evaluation of the Validity and Reliability of Two Dietary Assessment Methods Among Low- Income, Overweight, African American Female Adolescents. 

Maya Yodh. Influences of a Rural Community Health Clinic on the Subsequent Parity, Education, and Infant Health of Pregnant Adolescents in Waycross, Georgia: 1985-1993.

Laura Young. Cognitive Assessment of Survey Items Designed to Measure Community-Level Social Capital.

Kathryn Elizabeth Yudd. Injury Severity in Motor Vehicle Crashes Among 16-20 Year ld Males in Georgia: Recommendations For Future Research.

Laura Zauderer. Depression Screening and Referrals to Support: An Internet Survey of Cancer Patients and Cancer Survivors.

So Kuen Yue(Janice).  Assets Resource Inventory Related to Health Communication Within the Chinese Communities in Atlanta.

Heather Zesiger.  The Best of Both Worlds:  Revising a Faith-Based Adolescent Sexuality Education Curriculum to Include Reform Jewish Values About Intimacy and Responsibility and Best Practices in Health Education.

Robin Ziman. Perceived Barriers of Access to Care for Medicaid Eligible Children in the State of Georgia. A Qualitative Assessment of Caregiver Perceptions.

Erica Zingone.  The Effect of an Intranet Intervention on the Knowledge and Consumption of Folic Acid Among College Women.

Janae Zolna. Evaluation of an Osteoporosis Prevention and Control Program in New Jersey.

Pamela Zupp. The TB-Related Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of Second Year Medical Students Before and After Participation in an Education Intervention.