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Congratulate Raphiel Murden!

Congratulate Raphiel Murden, who is one of only five LGS student inductees of the Edward A. Bouchet Honor Society in 2020. A great honour and well-deserved. Link.

   Raphiel Murden

Dr. David Benkeser is Working with the NIH-led Trials to Identify which Immune Responses Drive the Vaccine’s Effectiveness

David Benkeser was featured and quoted in an online CNN article, “Changes to coronavirus vaccine schedule wouldn't start with FDA, the agency says”. He is currently working with the NIH-led trials to prepare for the analysis of immune response data from the large US trials to identify which immune responses are driving the vaccine’s effect. “If we can identify the immune responses that are important for preventing COVID, then we can potentially open up accelerated pathways for approval of new vaccines and/or existing vaccines in new populations (e.g., children or pregnant women).”

Dr. David Benkeser
     David Benkeser


Dr. Renee Moore published an article in the Journal of Statistics Education

Renee Moore was a co-author in the article “Creating and Sustaining Effective Pipeline Initiatives to Increase Diversity in Biostatistics: The ENAR Fostering Diversity in Biostatistics Workshop", published in Journal of Statistics Education, 2020.

     Renee Moore


Dr. Rob Krafty's Two Senior Author Publications were Accepted

Dr. Rob Krafty had his first two senior author publications while at Emory accepted, a methodological paper in the Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics and an applied.

Dr. Jeff Switchenko
         Rob Krafty


Zhenxing Guo Won the 2021 JSM Student Paper Award

Zhenxing Guo won the 2021 JSM Student Paper Award from the ASA Section on Statistics in Genomics and Genetics (SGG).

     Zhenxing Guo


Ying Cui Received a Couple of Paper Awards

Ying Cui, a PhD student, won several paper awards:

  • 2021 ENAR Distinguished Student Paper award (based on a paper supervised by Limin Peng);
  • 1st place in the ASA Medical Device and Diagnostic Section’s 2020-21 student paper.

         Ying Cui                       


Congratulations to Yingtian Hu and Josh Lukemire! 

Yingtian Hu was a winner and Josh Lukemire a runner-up for the Statistics in Imaging Section of the ASA’s Student Paper Competition.

Yingtian_Hu.jpg    Joshua-Lukemire.jpg 
      Yingtian Hu                 Josh Lukemire                    


Steve Pittard and Dr. Steve Qin Received a Grant from the Emory Center

Steve Pittard and Dr. Steve Qin received a $350 grant from the Emory Center for Faculty Development and Excellence Mini-Grant program to finance software to develop educational videos for deployment on YouTube and Canvas. It will be used to provide expanded content for students of BIOS 534 Machine Learning and BIOS 545 Intro to R.

Steve Qin  Steve Pittard    
        Steve Qin                 Steve Pittard    



Shiyu Wang was the winner of the 2020 PATEL-NAIK AWARD. Congratulations on his outstanding project submission, which is a deep neural network architecture for the reconstruction of subcellular spatial structures from genome data.

     Shiyu Wang                           

Dr. David Benkeser was a Speaker in the NISS Webinar Series

Dr. David Benkeser gave a presentation entitled ‘Statistics and COVID-19 Vaccine Development’ in the National Institute of Statistical Sciences (NISS) webinar series on COVID-19 and Data Sciences.

Dr. Benkeser is involved in the COVID-19 Prevention Network, where he (and others) consult and advise on the design and analysis strategies for Operation Warp Speed-run Phase III vaccine efficacy trials. This network seeks to harmonize the design of the trials to enable cross-trial analyses to better learn how and how well these vaccines work. A particular area of focus is on study design and analytic methods to uncover vaccine correlates of protection, immune responses that are predictive of the efficacy of vaccines. These immune responses could serve as a key mechanism in bringing vaccines to market more quickly and gaining licensure for vaccines in broader populations.

Dr. David Benkeser
     David Benkeser


Congratulations Dr. Mary Kelley! 

Dr. Mary Kelley has been appointed as statistical editor of JAMA Psychiatry. This is the highest impact journal in psychiatry.

       Mary Kelley


Dr. Jeff Switchenko Named the Interim Director of the Winship Cancer Center

Dr. Jeff Switchenko has been named Interim Director of the Biostatistics Shared Resource of the Winship Cancer Center.

Dr. Jeff Switchenko
     Jeff Switchenko


Dr. Ying Guo Awarded NIH R01 Grant

Dr. Ying Guo received an NIH R01 grant for developing statistical ICA (Independent Component Analysis) methods for studying human brain connectomes in psychiatric research. The application received a 1 percentile score from the BMRD study section review. ICA is a blind source separation method to identify latent source signals by decomposing multivariate and high-dimensional observations.

         Ying Guo


The Kutner Doctoral Student and Livingston Fellowship Award

Congratulations to Raphiel Murden, winner of the 2020 Michael Kutner Distinguished Doctoral Student Award, and Bo Wei, winner of the 2020 Livingston Fellowship Award.

The Michael Kutner Distinguished Doctoral Student Award is awarded based on academic achievement, significant contribution to the department, and potential for important contributions to the profession. The Livingston Fellowship Award selects students with outstanding research potential and strong abilities to present our doctoral program.

Raphiel is a fifth-year graduate student has been a consistent leader within the department as well as the greater Emory community. Raphiel actively represents the department and the Laney Graduate School at recruitment events nationwide and serving on the department’s student council. His research focus lies in data integration methods, brain imaging statistics, functional data analysis, and social determinants of health. At the Joint Statistical Meetings 2020, he presented a paper co-authored with his advisor, Dr. Benjamin Risk, along with Dr. Ying Guo. Another accomplishment Raphiel achieved this year was an induction into the Bouchet National Honors Society.

Raphiel_Murden.jpg  Bo_Wei.jpg    
    Raphiel Murden                 Bo Wei            


The BIOS Award for the Senior Student Presentation

The BIOS Award for the Senior Student Presentation: 1st place – Teng Fei; 2nd place – Grace Kim; Special kudos – Josh Lukemire.

Teng’s presentation, Latent Class Analysis for Time-to-Event Data garnered top honors for presentation style and delivery. As a fifth-year student, Teng has been active in several areas including the recipient of the inaugural LGS Advanced Teaching Fellowship for the 2019 – 2020 academic year. This has been a busy year for Teng as he has coauthored numbers of papers with a number of faculty within the department with appearances in few journals including Science Advances. He is also the recipient of student awards at both ASA and ENAR conferences. His research interest includes latent class methods, survival analysis, and batch effect adjustment with the guidance his Dr. Limin Peng.  

Grace placed second in this year’s Senior Doctoral Student Presentation event. Grace’s presentation, Flexible Methods to Incorporate Covariates in Latent Class Analysis, provided the audience with insights into her dissertation research. As a sixth-year student, she has participated in several professional development opportunities including a recent talk on study designs for quantitative analysis at the Allergy/Immunology Department at the School of Medicine. Grace closely works with her advisor, Dr. John Hanfelt, with research for the Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design (BERD) grant. Her research interests are latent class analysis, finite mixture models, and mild cogitative impairment (MCI).

Teng_Fei.jpg  Grace_Kim.jpg  Joshua-Lukemire.jpg 
         Teng Fei                     Grace Kim                 Joshua Lukemire                    


Dr. Max Lau Had a Milestone Grant Proposal Approved from GDPH to continue our COVID-19 Work

Dr. Max Lau's research proposal, “Transmission dynamics of COVID-19 in Georgia, USA”, has been selected as a Rollins School of Public Health (RSPH) ECRC grant recipient.

        Max Lau


Congratulations Dr. Ying Guo!

Dr. Ying Guo was appointed as a Standing Member of the Emerging Imaging Technologies in Neuroscience Study Section of National Institutes of Health (NIH). 

        Ying Guo


Steve Pittard is the Project Lead for E-CARE

E-CARE is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) framework that can facilitate a more efficient, accurate, and non-biased candidate identification of research professionals when compared to traditional approaches reliant upon manual review. At Emory University, on average, up to 300 Clinical Research Coordinator applicant resumes must be viewed to arrive at  30 possible candidates. E-CARE seeks to reduce human review time while ensuring a high degree of candidate suitability for a posted clinical research position.

Steve Pittard     
       Steve Pittard


Dr. Max Lau Publishes Paper on COVID-19 

Dr. Max Lau's first-authored paper, "Characterizing superspreading events and age-specific infectiousness of SARS-CoV-2 transmission in Georgia, USA," has been published in PNAS (Proceeding of the Nat’l Academy of Science). 

In this paper, they formulate an individual-level spatiotemporal mechanistic framework to integrate individual surveillance data with geolocation data and aggregate mobility data, enabling a more granular understanding of the transmission dynamics of SARS-CoV-2. Dr. Max Lau's team also summarize that superspreading appears to be widespread across space and time, about 2% of cases were directly responsible for 20% of all infections. For more information click here.

Max Lau 
        Max Lau


Dr. David Benkeser Receives the Grant from NSF

Dr. David Benkeser received his first grant as PI, on an NSF grant-funded. It’s a three-year grant about interpretable machine learning approaches and applications in personalized vaccine recommendations.

Dr. David Benkeser
     David Benkeser


Dr. Steve Qin Receives Collaborative Research Grant from the Halle Institute

Dr. Steve Qin was a winner of a Collaborative Research Grant, from the Halle Institute, for his "Novel computational methods for deconvoluting bulk RNA-sequencing data and identifying the cellular target of kidney disease". The Halle Institute for Economic Research is a non-profit organization and one of Germany's leading economic research institutions. In 2019-2020, the Halle Institute awarded over $500,000 to more than forty faculty and students from across Emory’s schools and disciplines.

Steve Qin      
        Steve Qin

Congratulations to Amita Manatunga on her Elizabeth L. Scott Lecture at the JSM

For her excellence in biostatistical research, for her dedicated mentoring of the next generation of statisticians, and for her committed leadership in expanding statistical opportunities for women and minorities at the individual, institutional, and professional society levels.

  • Lecture: Wednesday, August 5, 10-11:50
  • Statistical Methods for Diagnosis of Complex Diseases with Complex Data
Amita Manatunga 
  Amita Manatunga


August 3

Monday 10 AM-11:50 AM

10:35 AM

Bayesian Hierarchical Models for Combining Monitoring Measurement, Satellite Imagery, and Model Simulation
Howard Chang, Emory University; Nancy Murray, Emory University

Monday 10 AM-2 PM


A Comparison of Angle-Based JIVE and Iterative JIVE
Raphiel Murden, Emory Univ, Rollins School of SPH; Ying Guo, Emory University; Benjamin B Risk, Emory University


Setting up the Tools and Workflow for Teaching Reproducible Research, Big Data and Data Mining in Nursing and Public Health

Melinda Higgins, Emory University

Monday 1 PM-2:50 PM

1:05 PM

A Conversation About COVID-19 with Statistical Epidemiologists
Susan Ellenberg, University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine; Thomas Fleming, University of Washington; Dean Follmann, NIAID; Andrew Lawson, Medical University of South Carolina; Lance Waller, Emory University; Dionne L Price, Food and Drug Administration

August 4

Tuesday 10 AM-11:50 AM

10:30 AM

Heritability Models for Neuroimaging
Benjamin B Risk, Emory University; Hongtu Zhu, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

11:05 AM

Gamma Models for Estimating the Odds Ratio for a Skewed Biomarker Measured in Pools and Subject to Errors
Dane Van Domelen, Emory University; Emily Mitchell, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ); Neil Perkins, NICHD; Enrique Schisterman, NICHD; Amita Manatunga, Emory University; Eugene Huang, Emory University; Robert H. Lyles, Emory University

11:25 AM

Multivariate Spectral Downscaling for PM2.5 Species
Yawen Guan, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Brian Reich, North Carolina State University; James Mulholland, Georgia Tech; Howard Chang, Emory University

Tuesday 10 AM-2 PM


NFL Injury Regression to the Mean and Its Causal Effect on Team Performance
Zachary Binney, Oxford College of Emory University; Gregory Matthews, Loyola University Chicago


A Time-Dependent Structural Model Between Latent Classes and Competing Risks Outcomes
Teng Fei, Emory University; John Hanfelt, Emory University; Limin Peng, Emory University


Causal Inference Methods for Vaccine Sieve Analysis with Effect Modification
Guandong Yang, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Laura B. Balzer, UMass Amherst; David Benkeser, Emory University  


Improving Precision and Power in Randomized Trials for COVID-19 Treatments Using Covariate Adjustment, for Binary, Ordinal, and Time-to-Event Outcomes
David Benkeser, Emory University; Ivan Diaz, Weill Cornell Medicine; Alex Luedtke, University of Washington & Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; Jodi Segal, Johns Hopkins University; Daniel O Scharfstein, Johns Hopkins University; Michael Rosenblum, Johns Hopkins Univ, Bloomberg School of Public Health


Using Bayesian Topic Modeling to Enhance Customer Purchase Prediction
Samuel Levy, Carnegie Mellon University; Dokyun Lee, Carnegie Mellon University; Daniel McCarthy, Emory University; Alan Montgomery, Carnegie Mellon University 

Tuesday 1  PM-2:50 PM

 2:05 PM 

A Source Separation Method for Investigating Brain Connectome Traits
Ying Guo, Emory University; Yikai Wang, Emory University  

August 5

Wednesday 10 AM -11:50 AM

COPSS Elizabeth L. Scott Lecture — Invited Papers

Elizabeth L. Scott Award

Organizer(s): Bhramar Mukherjee, University of Michigan; Huixia Judy Wang, The George Washington University

Chair(s): Huixia Judy Wang, The George Washington University  

10:05 AM Statistical Methods for Diagnosis of Complex Diseases with Complex Data
Amita Manatunga, Emory University
11:10 AM Discussant: Amanda Mejia, Indiana University
11:25 AM Discussant: Xihong Lin, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health
11:40 AM Floor Discussion
Wednesday 10 AM -11:50 AM 
11:05 AM Flexible Semiparametric Latent Class Analysis of Recurrent Events Outcomes
Limin Peng, Emory University; Wei Zhao, Emory University; John Hanfelt, Emory University
Wednesday 1 PM-2:50 PM
2:05 PM Linking Zoonotic Surveillance and Environmental Variables in Disease Ecology
Lance Waller, Emory University

August 6

Thursday 10 AM-2 PM
A Bayesian Spatio-Temporal Abundance Model for Surveillance of the Opioid Epidemic
David Kline, Ohio State University; Lance Waller, Emory University; Staci Hepler, Wake Forest University
Thursday 1 PM -2:50 PM
1:05 PM

E Pluribus Unum: Achieving Your Potential in Statistics Through Different Organizations

Will Eagan, Purdue University
Jeri Mulrow, Westat
Renee Helene Moore, Emory University
Shelley Han Liu, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Abie Ekangaki, Premier Research

1:25 PM Design and Analysis Considerations for a Sequentially Randomized HIV Prevention Trial
David Benkeser, Emory University; Keith Horvath, University of California, San Diego; Cathy J Reback, Friends Research Institute; Joshua Rusow, Friends Research Institute; Michael Hudgens, UNC
2:25 PM Two-Stage Super Learner for Predicting Healthcare Expenditures
Ziyue Wu, Emory University; David Benkeser, Emory University; Seth Berkowitz, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Thursday 3 PM-4:50 PM
3:05 PM Eugenics and Its Intersection with Statistics and Society Over Time: A Conversation
Christian P. Robert, Universite Paris Dauphine; David Bellhouse, Professor Emeritus, Western University; David Cutler, Emory University; Scarlett L. Bellamy, Drexel University
4:20 PM Dissecting High-Throughput (Epi)Genomics Signals from Heterogeneous Samples
Hao Wu, Emory University; Ziyi Li, Emory University


WSB-TV Interviewed Dr. Max Lau for His Research on the Impact of Superspreaders for COVID-19

WSB-TV interviewed Dr. Max Lau on June 30th. He is part of a research team that's been studying the impact of superspreaders for COVID-19. The study analyzed more than 9,500 COVID-19 cases from the hardest-hit counties in Georgia, which includes Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton, Gwinnett, and Dougherty. Dr. Lau's research team found that superspreading was very impactful that 2% of people were responsible for 20% of COVID-19 transmissions. Dr. Lau also said that people younger than 60 two times more likely to affect another person. It turned out that the younger group seemed to be the main driver of superspreading. For more information click here.

Max Lau 
        Max Lau


The Rollins School of Public Health Charles C. Shepard Award

This award is given annually to the graduating RSPH master's student who is deemed by the faculty to have prepared the most scholarly research paper. This years’ winner is BIOS student Shan Jiang.

Shan Jiang
     Shan Jiang


The Michael H. Kutner Award for Distinguished Service to the Profession

This award is given annually to a former graduate of the Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics (and including all predecessor department names) at Emory University. The 2019 and 2020 winners are Dionne Price, PhD, and Michael Hudgens, PhD.

Dionne Price  Michael Hudgens    
       Dionne Price          Michael Hudgens            

The Penina and Michael Haber Award

This award is given annually to the PhD student(s) who completed their dissertation in the smallest number of semesters. The winners for 2019/20 are Yunchuan Kong and Yikai Wang.

Yunchuan Kong  Yikai Wang    
     Yunchuan Kong            Yikai Wang            

The Award for the best PhD Senior Student Presentation

Each year, students who have reached candidacy and above give a brief presentation of their dissertation research. The winners for 2019/20 are First Place – Joshua Lukemire, Second Place - Behzad Kianian.

Joshua Lukemire  Behzad Kianian    
     Joshua Lukemire       Behzad Kianian            

The BIOS Award for the best Thesis Video Presentation

The BIOS Best Thesis Video Presentation Award was given to Mengda Yu, Mingrui Zhang, and Haoyong Yu. Congratulations!

Mengda Yu  Mingrui Zhang  Haoyong Yu 
     Mengda Yu                Mingrui Zhang               Haoyong Yu

The BIOS Best Teaching Assistant Award

This year, the BIOS Best Teaching Assistant Award was given to Madoc Smith. Congratulations!

Madoc Smith
     Madoc Smith

The BIOS Faculty Mentor Award

Congratulations to Dr. Howard Chang, the winner of the BIOS Faculty Mentor Award.

Dr. Howard Chang
     Howard Chang


The BIOS Teaching Award

Congratulations to Dr. John Hanfelt, the winner of the BIOS Teaching Award.

Dr. John Hanfelt
     John Hanfelt


Raphiel Murden Named Emory Bouchet Graduate Honor Society Fellow

Raphiel Murden was named a 2020 Emory Bouchet Graduate Honor Society Fellow. The National Edward Alexander Bouchet Graduate Honor Society (BHS), is named for the first African-American doctoral recipient in the United States (Physics, Yale University, 1876), Edward Alexander Bouchet.

     Raphiel Murden


Dr. Lance Waller Selected as Chair of the American Statistical Association Committee

Dr. Lance Waller was selected as Chair of the American Statistical Association Committee on Funded Research. Dr. Waller also received an NSF RAPID award for his project, “REACT: Real-time Contact Tracing and Risk Monitoring via Privacy-enhanced Mobile Tracking.” In addition, Dr. Waller is a member of a team that recently received a Synergy II-Nexus Award. His project is titled, “Differentially Private, Synthetic Controls for the Center for Health Discovery and Well-Being Cohort: Data Science to Assess Health, Wellness, and Disease.” Finally, Dr. Waller and Dr. Hannah Cooper (BSHE) received an NIH T32 grant, “Training in Advanced Data Analytics to End DrugRelated Harms (TADA).”

Dr. Lance Waller
     Lance Waller

The Project Led by Dr. David Benkeser highlighted on CNN

Dr. David Benkeser and colleagues led a project, highlighted on CNN, examining racial disparities in COVID-19 cases and deaths across the United States. Dr. Benkeser was also an invited speaker on Data-Driven Precision Medicine and Translational Research in the Era of Big Data Symposium.

Dr. David Benkeser
     David Benkeser


Congratulations Dr. Jeff Switchenko! 

Dr. Jeff Switchenko has been named Assistant Director of the Winship Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Shared Resource.

Dr. Jeff Switchenko
     Jeff Switchenko

Dr. Lance Waller Appointed to Emory's Center for Ethics

Dr. Lance Waller was appointed to be a Senior Faculty Fellow of Emory’s Center for Ethics. Congratulations Dr. Waller!

     Lance Waller

BIOS Faculty Max Lau Publishes Paper on Measles Spread

Dr. Max Lau's first-authored paper, "A competing risks model explains hierarchical spatial coupling of measles epidemics en-route to national elimination," has been published in Nature Ecology & Evolution

Prior to the introduction of a vaccine, the number of measles cases in England and Wales would undergo periodic epidemics. Dr. Lau led researchers who sought to identify the causes of these periodic spikes and locate the reservoirs where the virus is maintained in the dips after major epidemics. This persistence question is central to understanding the dynamics of measles and other viral diseases, and the results of this study could help inform the long-term public health response to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Max Lau 
        Max Lau

BIOS Department Members Receive Patent

Dr. Steve Qin and Steve Pittard received an official patent which is now registered in the US Patent Database. Congratulations Dr. Qin and Steve!

Steve Qin  Steve Pittard    
        Steve Qin                   Steve Pittard            

Dr. Xiao-Li Meng Will Deliver the 2020 Donna J. Brogan Lecture

Dr. Xiao-Li Meng, the Whipple V. N. Jones Professor of Statistics, Harvard University, will deliver the 2020 Donna J. Brogan Lecture in Biostatistics on (TBA), The topic of the lecture is “Personalized treatment: Sounds heavenly, but where on earth did they find the right guinea pig for me?” For more information click here.

Xiao-Li Meng  
     Xiao-Li Meng

Spring 2020 Award Winners

PhD student Nancy Murray won the Michael H. Kutner Doctoral Student Award for her scholarly accomplishments and her contributions to the Department and to the profession.

PhD student Joshua Lukemire won the Livingston Award for excellence in research potential and ability to give impressive public presentations to showcase our PhD program.

PhD student Teng Fei has won the 2020 Student Paper Award from the Lifetime Data Science Section of the American Statistical Association for his paper: “A Time-Dependent Structural Model Between Latent Classes and Competing Risks Outcomes” by T. Fei, J. Hanfelt and L. Peng.

Congratulations Nancy, Joshua, and Teng!

Nancy Murray  Joshua Lukemire  Teng Fei 
     Nancy Murray           Joshua Lukemire                Teng Fei

Dr. Amita Manatunga Receives E. L. Scott and Emory Women of Excellence Awards

Faculty member Dr. Amita Manatunga will deliver the first E. L. Scott Lecture at the 2020 Joint Statistical Meetings in Philadelphia. This award recognizes an individual who exemplifies the contributions of Elizabeth L. Scott’s lifelong efforts to further the careers of women in academia. The award is granted to an individual, male or female, who has helped foster opportunities in statistics for women. 

Dr. Manatunga also received the Emory Women of Excellence Awards 2020. She received the Award for Mentorship on Thursday, March 5, during the award celebration. The Emory Women of Excellence Awards celebrate women who have demonstrated extraordinary dedication to issues that affect women at Emory and in the larger community. To learn more about the Emory Women of Excellence Awards, please click here.

Amita Manatunga 
  Amita Manatunga

Dr. Suprateek Kundu Receives IISA Award and R01 Grant

Suprateek Kundu was the recipient of the annual 2019 Young Statistical Scientist award (Application Category) given by the International Indian Statistical Association.  More information can be found at

Kundu was also awarded his first R01 grant from National Institute of Mental Health ($2.1M from Sept 2019 to Aug 2024). The title is “Integrative Brain Network- Based Analysis for Heterogeneous and Multimodal Neuroimaging Data” (PI: Kundu, Co-I’s – Drs. Jennifer Stevens, Negar Fani, Ying Guo from Emory and Dr. Anuj Srivastava from FSU).

Suprateek Kundu, BIOS Faculty 
  Suprateek Kundu

BIOS Faculty Lance Waller Appointed to National Leadership Roles

Lance Waller has been appointed to another three-year term on the National Academies’ Board on Mathematical Science and Analytics. He has also been named as the Chair of the American Statistical Association’s Committee on Funded Research for 2020. Congratulations Dr. Waller!

     Lance Waller

ENAR Student Award Recipients

Four BIOS PhD students: Teng Fei, Yunchuan Kong, Xin Ma and Bo Wei won the International Biometric Society (IBS) Eastern North American Region’s (ENAR) Distinguished Student Paper Awards for the 2020 ENAR Spring Meeting.

Teng_Fei.jpg  Yunchuan_Kong.jpeg  Xin_Ma.jpg  Bo_Wei.jpg
         Teng Fei                 Yunchuan Kong                   Xin Ma                           Bo Wei

2019 Patel-Naik Award Recipients

Yutong Jin and Gavin Tian were selected as the 2019 Patel-Naik Award winners.

This award is presented annually by the BIOS department to two pre-candidacy PhD students who developed an outstanding and innovative research proposal.

Yutong was recognized for her research proposal on “Random Forest-based Collaborative Targeted Minimum Loss Estimation (CTMLE),” and Gavin was recognized for his proposal on “A New Regularized Finite Mixture Model-based Clustering Approach For High-dimensional Mixed-type Data.”

Congratulations to both on this incredible accomplishment!

Yutong_Jin.jpg  Ganzhong_Tian.jpg
        Yutong Jin                     Gavin Tian

Outstanding APE Award Finalists

Congratulations to the two students who have been selected as finalists for the Outstanding APE Award!

Surupa Sarkar. Title: “Using Spatial Smoothing Methods to Develop Small Area Estimates of County-Level Drug Overdose Mortality Rates in Georgia”

Sarita Mohanty. Title: "Pregnancy and Influenza Multinational Epidemiologic Study"

Surupa Sarkar  Sarita Mohanty
     Surupa Sarkar             Sarita Mohanty

Fall 2019 BIOS Newsletter

Don't miss the latest issue of the BIOS Beacon, which features alumni highlights, BIOS Grant Awards, student achievements and celebrations, faculty and staff recognition, and other exciting news from the BIOS department!

BIOS Faculty Promotion

Ying Guo was promoted to Full Professor (with tenure) in the Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics. Congratulations Dr. Guo!

Ying Guo, BIOS Faculty 
         Ying Guo

Congratulations ReneƩ Moore!

Dr. Reneé Moore was the keynote speaker at StatFest 2019. StatFest is an annual conference aimed at encouraging students from underrepresented groups to consider careers and graduate studies in the statistical sciences.

Moore was also recently elected Treasurer of ENAR, the Eastern North American Region of The International Biometric Society. The International Biometric Society is an international society for the advancement of biological science through the development of quantitative theories and the application, development and dissemination of effective mathematical and statistical techniques.

Renee Moore, BIOS Faculty 
      Renee Moore

BIOS and School of Medicine Collaboration Receives Synergy Award

BIOS faculty member Amita Manatunga and School of Medicine collaborators Cassandra Josephson and Wilbur Lam received the 2019 Woodruff Health Sciences Center Synergy Awards for the grant entitled "Development of a New Prediction Algorithm for Smartphone Application (PASA) for a Non-invasive Measurement of Hemoglobin Levels in Infants." Co-investigator Kirk Easley facilitated the initiation of this collaboration.

Amita Manatunga, BIOS Faculty  Kirk Easley, BIOS Faculty
  Amita Manatunga              Kirk Easley

BIOS Faculty Awarded Synergy Grant

Congratulations to Drs. Julie Clennon and Lance Waller who were named co-investigators on a synergy grant entitled, "Transportation Vulnerability and Diabetic Foot Ulcers Outcomes." Dr. Howard Chang is a Co-PI on this project.

Julie Clennon, BIOS Faculty  Lance Waller, BIOS Faculty
     Julie Clennon                Lance Waller

BIOS Faculty David Benkeser's Papers Accepted for Publication

Congratulations to Dr. David Benkeser, who recently had three papers accepted for publication:

  • Robust inference on the average treatment effect using the outcome highly adaptive lasso (Biometrics)
  • A nonparametric super-efficient estimator of the average treatment effect (Statistical Science)
  • Improved small-sample estimation of nonlinear cross-validated prediction metrics (JASA T&M)

David Benkeser, BIOS Faculty 
    David Benkeser

Dr. Suprateek Kundu Awarded $2.1M Grant

Congratulations to Dr. Suprateek Kundu, who has been named as the sole PI on his first R01 grant from National Institute of Mental Health! This is a $2.1M grant from September 2019 to August 2024 on "Integrative Brain Network-Based Analysis for Heterogeneous and Multimodal Neuroimaging Data".

Suprateek Kundu, BIOS Faculty 
  Suprateek Kundu

BIOS Student Raphiel Murden Accepted for Rome Conference

PhD student Raphiel Murden has been accepted for a poster presentation at the IAPAC: HIV Nursing 2019 conference in Rome, Italy.

Raphiel Murden, PhD Student
    Raphiel Murden

2019 Research Presentation Award Recipients

Congratulations to PhD students Joshua Lukemire and Behzad Kianian who are, respectively, the winner and runner-up of the Kutner Award for the Best Senior PhD Student Research Presentation!

Joshua Lukemire, PhD Student  Behzad Kianian, PhD Student
   Joshua Lukemire           Behzad Kianian

Spring 2019 Award Winners

Numerous BIOS faculty and students were recognized with awards this past spring for excellence in academics and research. Julia Gallini was the 2019 Shepard Award winner; Praveen Suthaharan, Xisha Weng, and Zhiwei Zhao were the BIOS poster award winners; Yungchuan Kong won this year's BIOS TA Award; Nancy Murray won the Student Teaching Award while Harry Feng received the BIOS Senior Student Presentation Award; Qingpo Cai won the Haber Award; Yikai Wang won the Kutner Award and Jeong Jang won the Livingston Award; Hao Wu won the Faculty Teaching Award; and Yuan Li and Renee Moore won the Faculty Mentor Award.

2018 BIOS PhD Student Award Recipients

Congratulations to Yikai Wang, winner of the 2018 Michael Kutner Distinguished Doctoral Student Award, and Jeong Hoon Jang, winner of the 2018 Livingston Fellow Award. The Michael Kutner Distinguished Doctoral Student Award winner is selected based on scholarly accomplishments, significant contributions to the department/school/university, and demonstrated potential for important contributions to the profession. The Livingston Fellow Award recognizes a student with excellent research potential and strong ability to give an impressive public presentation to showcase our PhD program. Doctoral students must also have passed the qualifying exams, demonstrated strong leadership skills, and conducted excellent research in order to be considered for these awards.

Each award recipient will receive a plaque and a $2,000 award.

2018 Michael Kutner and Livingston Award Recipients

BIOS PhD Alumna Megan Price Featured in Amstat News

Megan Price, a BIOS PhD alumna, was recently profiled in an article for Amstat News. Read about Megan, her career in social justice, and the work she is doing as executive director of the Human Rights Data Analysis Group here.


Congratulations to our doctoral students, Hao Feng, winner of the Michael Kutner Distinguished Doctoral Student Award, and Zae Higgins, winner of the Livingston Fellow Award. 

Hao Feng, biostatistics student  Zae Higgins
 Hao Feng                              Zae Higgins

Michael H. Kutner Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients Honored

On October 23, 2017, members of the Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics gathered to celebrate three outstanding biostatisticians. Dr. Scott Clark, senior director of statistics at Eli Lilly & Company, was awarded the 2016 Kutner Distinguished Alumni Award; andDr. Brent Blumenstein, founder and president of TriARC Consulting, received the 2017 Kutner Distinguished Alumni Award. Dr. Michael H. Kutner was also recognized for his 40-plus years of exemplary service to Emory University.

Read more about the celebration. 

Kutner Awards 2017

Emory University is Hosting Georgia Statistics Day 2017

Emory University will host Georgia Statistics Day 2017 on October 9, 2017. Georgia Statistics Day is a one-day conference on theoretical and applied data science with the goal of promoting interdisciplinary research within the flagship institutions of the state of Georgia. Dr. Xihong Lin, chair of the Department of Biostatistics at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, will deliver the keynote address. Pricing starts at $50 for students and at $100 for faculty.

Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite

BIOS faculty Mary Kelley's code for zero-inflated ordinal logistic regression will be incorporated into Stata

Read her paper on Zero inflation in ordinal data: Incorporating susceptibility to response through the use of a mixture model.

Dr. Limin Peng Named the recipient of the 2017 Mortimer Spiegelman Award

Limin Peng

Congratulations to Dr. Limin Peng! She was named the recipient of the 2017 Mortimer Spiegelman Award by the American Public Health Association. This is a singular career achievement recognizing Dr. Peng as the best Biostatistician under the age of 40.

Dr. Limin's contributions to biostatistical methods (particularly with respect to quantile regression) and practice (her ongoing contributions to diabetes studies), her excellent mentoring of students and colleagues, and her service to the field.

Alumna Writes Article About Careers in Federal Government

Rollins biostatistics alumna, Dionne Price, PhD, wrote an article about careers in the federal government on the STATtr@k website. She also presented similar material at the Women in Statistics and Data Science conference:

Renee Moore Named an American Statistical Association Fellow

Renee Moore

Congratulations to Renee Moore! She was recently selected as a fellow of the American Statistical Association. She will be honored at the Joint Statistical Meeting in Baltimore this summer (July 29-August 3).

Her citation reads, "For contributions to the recruitment of and mentoring of students in the profession, and especially outreach to underrepresented minorities; for highly valued collaborative work, especially in obesity and clinical trials research; for outstanding teaching and increasing statistical literacy."

Rollins Faculty and Students Present at Joint Statistical Meetings

Faculty and students from Rollins' Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics presented 26 papers at the 2016 Joint Statistical Meetings in Chicago. Download the list of papers presented.

2017 Student Awards

Zae Higgins

Congratulations to Zae Higgins who has been selected as one of the Student Paper Award Winners of the Annual Conference for Statistical Methods in Imaging that is co-sponsored by ASA Section on Statistics in Imaging and University of Pittsburgh. Zae gave a great presentation of his results at the conference!