A Tribute to My Mentor

Testimonial #1

"In the fall of last year I thought it would be a great opportunity to apply for a mentor through Career Services. I never would have expected that meeting Tim Frederick could possibly have impacted my occupational and academic career the way it has thus far.

Mr. Frederick is a prime example and a continuous inspiration to aspiring toxicologists like myself. His amiable and open ways have led to a fruitful mentorship that has created a learning space far surpassing any classroom environment. He has exposed me to realms of applied toxicology that I never expected to experience this early in my academic and professional career.

The amount and content of knowledge that I have learned from Mr. Frederick is invaluable. There is not a moment or space in time that I have not gratified Mr. Frederick's company, tutelage and advice. He is a remarkable individual of great philanthropy! Though the program is officially over, he still continues to give where and whenever he can. I am proud and elated to say that we are currently working on a project that we started earlier this year through the Environmental Protection Agency! It has allowed me the space to continue the application of knowledge that I have received in both undergraduate and graduate school, not to mention my short and still growing professional career.

Above all else, I will further my pursuit of academic and professional endeavors, with hopes of the ability to call myself a colleague of Tim Frederick. Thank you Career Services and Mr. Tim Frederick for a magnanimous year and hopefully many more to come!"

Wellington  Onyenwe
MPH Candidate 2014
Environmental Health Sciences/Environmental Toxicology

Testimonal #2

"I had a fantastic experience with the Career Services Mentorship program. My mentor, Sarah Cordes, is an amazing role model and provided me with valuable insight into the professional world. Ms. Cordes works on family planning studies through Emory University, which perfectly matched up to my interest in reproductive health. My mentor and I were able to meet multiple times, and each session proved to be very beneficial for me.

I shadowed Ms. Cordes at her job on two occasions, and we met for lunch numerous times. My mentor did a great job at responding to me and providing meaningful interactions. Not only did we discuss the professional world, but she gave me valuable input on my academic career. Her own pathway from Rollins to her current position served as a great example for me and helped me to consider different post-graduation options.

This program is a great way for Rollins students to interact with successful professionals throughout the Atlanta area and see the MPH degree in action. I highly recommend it to anyone who would like to see their coursework translated into practice and learn from someone working in the field."

Courtney Peters
MPH Candidate 2014
Global Health