Matthew Lee Girvin Award

This award honors the memory of Matthew Girvin, '94 MPH IH, who died in January 2001 while serving on a United Nations surveying mission.

The award is presented to a recent graduate of the Rollins School of Public Health who exemplifies Matthew's selfless dedication to the field of public health and who has made significant contributions toward improving the lives and health of others.

  Photo of Matthew Girvin

The 2012-2013 Matthew Lee Girvin Award was presented to
Ms. Robyn S. Kay '03 MPH

Photo of Robyn Kay

Ms. Kay graduated from the Rollins School of Public Health in 2003 with an MPH in epidemiology. Immediately after graduation, she enrolled in the Florida Epidemic Intelligence Service and then continued on to a position at the Florida Department of Health. Currently, Ms. Kay is a Clinical Epidemiologist at Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville, Florida.

Ms. Kay's work over the past 10 years has dramatically impacted outbreak detection, infection control practices, and how disaster surveillance is conducted in the State of Florida. One of her many notable accomplishments includes designing and evaluating epidemiological surveillance systems to enhance outbreak detection. In another instance she tracked the source of an outbreak of Hepatitis C at a Jacksonville hospital. The three-year investigation resulted in the capture and conviction of a hospital worker who was infecting syringes. And she worked with the Florida poison control centers where her tireless efforts led to the identification of multiple cases of carbon monoxide linked to generators. This resulted in the Consumer Product Safety Commission requiring a warning label on generators. Her work has impacted health on both the state and national levels in areas such as communicable diseases, hospital-acquired infections and infection control.

Her nominators describe her as "a gifted leader," "a stellar field investigator," "a natural teacher and mentor to those around her," and someone who never hesitates to say "yes" to any experience that will advance the field of public health.

Please join us on Saturday, September 28, 2013 from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. at the Rollins School of Public Health to recognize Ms. Kay's contributions to public health.


Past Recipients
2011 - Rosemarie Kobau, 86OX 88C 00PH
2010 - Melissa Creary, '04 MPH
2009 - Alison L. Smith, '05 MPH
2008 - Rebecca Vander Meulen, '03 MPH
2007 - Leisel Talley, '00 MPH
2006 - Cheryll J. Cardinez, '99 MSPH
2005 - David A. Bray, '04 MSPH
2004 - Chanda Mobley '96 MPH
2003 - Lyrna Siklóssy '97 MPH
2002 - Aun Lor '97 MPH

  1. The individual shall be a recent graduate of RSPH and will have made an outstanding contribution to public health at a community, state, national, or international level,
  2. The contribution(s) should have been made subsequent to receiving the degree from Rollins School of Public Health, and


Please download, complete, and return the Award Nomination Form.

All nominations are confidential and will be considered for three years, unless otherwise indicated by the nominee.  In so doing, the committee will contact the nominee to update the application.

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