Virginia S. DeHaan Lecture on Health Promotion and Education

DeHaan Lecture 2014

The Virginia S. DeHaan Lecture on Health Promotion and Education honors the memory of an outstanding faculty member of the public health community. The Lecture was established to bring national visibility to the Rollins School of Public Health of Emory University through the generous support of Genie's family, friends and students.

Virginia S. DeHaan (1927-1988) graduated in the Rollins School of Public Health MPH class of 1977. She was immediately recruited into the faculty and became an invaluable part of the program's development. Students and faculty peers enjoyed limitless access to her support, guidance and gentle advice. Her diligent work fostered a smooth initial accreditation process for the school and she pioneered the development of the Health Promotion and Education Track.

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Previous Virginia S. DeHaan Lectures:

Year Name Media Available
2012-2013 S. Leonard Syme, PhD
2011-2012 Nancy E. Adler, PhD
2010-2011 Mark T. Greenberg, PhD
2009-2010 Ralph Hingson, ScD, MPH
2008-2009 Barbara Israel, DrPH, MPH
2007-2008 Ross C. Brownson, PhD
2007 Dr. Janet L. Collins
2005 Dr. Meredith Minkler
2004 Dr. Ichiro Kawachi
2003 Hubert H. Humphrey III media file available
2001-2002 Huda C. Zurayk media file available
2000-2001 Laurie Garrett media file available
1999-2000 Everett M. Rogers, PhD
1998-1999 Marshall W. Kreuter, PhD
1997-1998 Audrey R. Gotsch, DrPH, CHES
1996-1997 Noreen M. Clark, PhD media file available
1995-1996 Michael Quinn Patton, PhD media file available
1994-1995 James O. Prochaska, PhD
1993-1994 Albert Bandura, PhD
1992-1993 John R. Seffrin, PhD
1991-1992 M. Joycelyn Elders, MD
1990-1991 Jonathan M. Mann, MD, MPH
1989-1990 Lawrence W. Green, DrPH, MPH

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