Dual Degree Programs

The Rollins School of Public Health works in partnership with Emory University graduate schools to give students the opportunity for interdisciplinary studies. Students must apply to and be accepted into each school separately in order to be eligible for a dual degree.

MBA/MPH: Business and Public Health

Students in the MBA/MPH program gain the skills and knowledge to effectively lead and manage public health systems and programs, as well as advise on health policy issues.

MD/MPH: Medicine and Public Health

The MD/MPH program prepares students to work as physicians in the public health field, enabling them to diagnose health problems and risk factors of individuals and communities.

MSN/MPH: Nursing and Public Health

The MSN/MPH program combines clinical nursing skills with public health knowledge to help future nurses assume leadership roles as they deliver care to at-risk individuals and communities.

JD/MPH: Law and Public Health

Students in the JD/MPH program learn to advocate and create public health program and policies, as well as develop expertise in public health related legal issues.

PA/MPH: Medical Science and Public Health

The PA/MPH program combines primary health care and public health to train practitioners and leaders to care for underserved populations and at-risk communities.

DPT/MPH: Physical Therapy and Public Health

Students in the DPT/MPH program will learn to be strong leaders in preventative health care, as well as effective therapists following a public health crisis.

Master of Divinity or Master of Theological Studies / Master of Public Health

The combination masters programs in Theology and Public Health prepares students to use a theological foundation when working in the field of public health.

PhD/MPH: Doctor of Philosophy and Public Health

Students in the PhD/MPH program apply separately to both the Rollins School of Public Health and Laney Graduate School.