Doctoral Programs

All doctoral programs at the Rollins School of Public Health (except for the Nutrition and Health Sciences program) are facilitated by Emory’s Laney Graduate School.

BSHE  PhD Program in Behavioral Sciences and Health Education

BSHE is committed to applying a broad spectrum of behavioral and social science knowledge, theory and methods to promote health, prevent disease and improve quality of life. We apply a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to research and advocate an ecological perspective to understanding and influencing the factors that shape health and illness.

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PhD Program in Biostatistics

The Ph.D. program in Biostatistics prepares students for research careers by offering a blend of theoretical and methodological courses. Our teaching curriculum is based on the principle that almost every biostatistician will have to spend at least some of his/her time on statistical analysis of real-life data.

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PhD Program in Epidemiology

The Epidemiology program trains future leaders in public health. Our curriculum is grounded in the methodologies of epidemiology and biostatistics enabling graduates to contribute new thinking to the field. These methodologies are applied to a broad range of clinical and public health concerns domestically and globally, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, environmental exposures, infectious diseases, and reproduction.

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PhD Program in Environmental Health Sciences

The PhD program in Environmental Health Sciences seeks to improve human health by better understanding the impact of environmental factors in the development of disease. Graduate students will receive comprehensive training to become fluent in population and laboratory-based research in environmental health science by bridging the interdisciplinary areas of human populations and laboratory-based toxicological and analytical chemistry research.

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PhD Program in Health Services Research and Health Policy

Emory’s Health Services Research and Health Policy (HSRP) program trains students to undertake original research, relying on social science theory and using sophisticated empirical analyses, to evaluate current issues in health policy. Our program combines a strongly interdisciplinary and policy-oriented public health approach with rigorous social science training in either economics or political science.

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Nutrition and Health Sciences 

PhD Program in Nutrition and Health Sciences

Managed by the Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences (GDBBS), the Nutrition and Health Sciences provides the expertise and skills necessary for original research into the relationship between nutrition and human health.

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