RSPH Desktop


Welcome to RSPH! We have a number of new technology environments this year for our teaching and student activities. To make it much easier for you to get to and use the 40+ applications you need for your classes we created a new environment called RSPHDesktop.

What this means is that when you need to use a complex application like SAS for your classes you don’t have to download and install this huge program on your computers. You can simply open a browser and access the application from anywhere. You can get to it from your house, through our wireless networks using your own computer, or at one of our student computers.

We will have training sessions starting with orientation and the first few days of classes so everyone can get acclimated to using this environment but you will find it very straight-forward to use.

We have one step for you to do to get ready to use RSPHDesktop. The technology used to provide this new environment is called CITRIX. There is a small browser plugin that you need to install in order to access CITRIX and you can get that from the links below. This works on both Apple and PC platforms and virtually every operating system so no more constraints there!

Before you start school go to the link below and download the browser plugin and install it. If you have issues you can contact our IT help desk to gain advice and support getting it installed. The email for that help desk is or call our help line at (404) 727-5536.

To get your RSPHDesktop plugin go to:

For Windows environments: Click here!

For Apple environments: Click here!

Once you download the application run it to install a small program into your browser.

We will soon have a test link that we will publish on our RSPH web site for you to check your installation but getting this plugin installed is a great first step.

We look forward to you joining us this coming year.